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    Week 5 PPV - Wager


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    Week 5 PPV - Wager Empty Week 5 PPV - Wager

    Post by HankHarris on Tue May 09, 2017 3:34 pm

    The show open’s up in the MEW car parking lot where we can see two parking attendants, male and female, working the gate. They are both mid-way through a conversation.

    Male attendant: What are you talking about, Hank Harris doesn’t stand a chance again Hollow! He’s pretty much destroyed everyone he’s faced so far and Hank isn’t 100% after his accident the other week.

    Female attendant: Oh yeah, how about wager? Twenty bucks say’s that Hank Harris is the new Rising Star Champion before the night is through.

    Male attendant: Damn girl, I’m definitely having some of that action. Man I wouldn’t be surprised if old Hank Harris didn't even show up tonight, I mean no one can be run over and then fit the following week…nobody!

    Female attendant: Another ten bucks says he'll make it.

    The male attendant smiles and takes ten dollars from his wallet.

    Male attendant: You know working with you is like having a licence to print money. This is why women should never gamble, you just don’t have…

    Female attendant: Choose your next words carefully Rico, otherwise I might make you eat them.

    Before Rico can answer they are disturbed by the sound of an engine approaching the gate. They both turn towards the window to see a huge Hilux, brand new and in black, with blacked out windows pull up.

    Rico: Can I see some ID please.

    The window rolls down and we see Hank ‘The Tank’ Harris sitting behind the wheel. We hear a roar arise from the arena who are watching on the big screen.

    Hank Harris: Is this face ID enough for you? Open the damn gate!

    Rico: Err…yes Mr Harris…right away sir.

    He pushes a button and the barrier raises, before it’s even fully raised and before Rico can finish his last words, Hank speeds off towards the arena.

    Rico: Good…luck…

    The Female attendant reaches over and grabs the ten bucks that Rico is still clutching in his hands.

    Female Attendant: I’ll take that thank you very much. I hope you are good for the rest of my money when Hank wins tonight.

    Rico looks back towards the female attendant with annoyance.

    Rico: Shut up.

    The camera fades to black and then cuts to the next segment.

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    Week 5 PPV - Wager Empty Re: Week 5 PPV - Wager

    Post by HankHarris on Wed May 10, 2017 4:29 pm


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