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    Post by Delete Samcro Account on Wed May 10, 2017 11:51 am

    The camera slowly pans around the backstage area. Wendy Woo is standing by the dressing room door of Samcro. The door slowly opens and out comes a still visibly bruised and battered Samcro.

    Steve Mayo: "It looks like Samcro hasn't fully recovered from last weeks hardcore match. How does he plan to survive a battle royal?"

    Lucy Woo: "Good question Steve. Let's listen and find out."

    Samcro grabs the mic before the interview can start and starts in on a shoot rant

    Samcro: "THIS IS.....(crowd in arena screams along) SAMCRO COUNTRY!! Last week Cro Nation took care of that little piss ant Kris once and for all. Guy be lucky if he can sip through a straw, let alone wrestle again. So that ends that business. Big boss John lived up to his end of our deal. So looks like we have to bring Mayhem to a title bouncer cause we trashed an office.....bouncer or executioner? Your president has not decided quite yet Cro Nation. A Mayhem Vote may be needed. Especially since I plan to be the number one contender.
    Last week the MEW chapter of Cro Nation saw the most brutal match finish in its young history. I admit I took a bit of a pounding on that one. But for those seven punks who will also be in tonights battle royal let me warn you. I HAVE ONLY JUST GOT STARTED!!"

    Samcro tosses mic to Wendy Woo and walks off out of view of the camera which stays focused on the shocked look on Wendy's face.

    Steve Mayo: "Wow. Thats a more edgy Samcro than we are used to, and that's saying something!"

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    Samcro PPV Promo Empty Re: Samcro PPV Promo

    Post by HankHarris on Wed May 10, 2017 5:45 pm

    Added...nice RP Samcro Smile

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