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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again


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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again Empty PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again

    Post by Manik on Wed May 10, 2017 1:00 pm

    Camera starts rolling in the locker room, as Jesse is standing in front of the locker as he prepares for the 8-Man Battle Royal Number 1 contender's match. Moment after the camera start rolling,Manik walks into the room, which struck Jesse as he puts on his fighting stance.

    Manik: Relax relax, I'm here to wish you good luck because you'll need it. Watch me out as I'm going to destroy everyone in the ring especially you. This time round you're not going to fluke me out, like before. I'm going to-

    before he could finish what he's about to say he was interrupted.
    Jesse Jayne

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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again Empty Re: PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again

    Post by Jesse Jayne on Thu May 11, 2017 9:32 pm

    Jesse held out his hand with a single finger outstretched upwards, the finger swaying back and forth slightly as he stared at Manik with disbelief in his eyes. Giving out a bit of a laugh Jesse put his hand down a moment collecting himself.

    Jesse: Wait, what? You're kidding right? Destroy everyone in the ring? Especially me? I think you uh... I think you are going a bit senile with old age, because last I remember, you lost to the new kid, that's me by the way, last week.

    Jesse acts like he's going to continue, but pauses a moment, a slight spark of mischief could be seen in his eyes through his dark black hair.

    Jesse: You know, in one of my old shows I held a bit of a story time with the fans,
    I think you might need a similar thing. So let's imagine something for a moment, a story... if you will.

    Jesse would sit on one of the benches and motion for Manik to take a seat as well, although wouldn't really wait for him to take a seat. Jesse slouched slightly and leaned back against the lockers, closing his eyes as if imagining the entire thing as he spoke. Only opening them once in awhile to make sure Manik wasn't doing anything.

    Jesse: So, a long time ago, in a ring far far away, there was a wrestler. We'll name him Mike, and he was facing a really young kid, he'll be called Jim. Now you see, mike mouthed off a lot, and insulted the young wrestler. Sounds like a bit of a douche, right? Well that's not all. After the two fought Mike lost, and even though Jim gave him a chance to redeem himself, all Mike had were excuses. This Mike guy is starting to sound a bit ridiculous right? I'm sure you agree.

    Lucy: You know, I think Jesse might be treading on dangerous waters. He's sitting there, eyes closed while telling a... story to Manik.

    Steven: A story?! Lucy that young punk is sitting there insulting a veteran wrestler.
    Just because he got lucky last week doesn't give him the right to act like this. I wouldn't be surprised if Manik took Jesse out now, show him what a real wrestler is.

    Jesse finally opened his eyes again, looking straight at Manik with an almost expressionless face.

    Jesse: You see, back where I'm from we don't just go off at the mouth against the people who make it possible for you to be here. Of course, I mean the amazing fans out there in the arena. And if we mouth off to someone we make damn sure we can back it up. And so far, you haven't been able to do that. Against just me? Yeah you might beat me, but versus me and 6 other skilled wrestlers, I don't think you stand a chance. Of course, I'm just the young guy who knows nothing though right?

    Jesse sat there waiting for Manik to reply.

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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again Empty Re: PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again

    Post by Manik on Fri May 12, 2017 1:04 am

    After listening to what Jesse said, Manik frowns as he closes the distance between Jesse and himself.

    Manik: Oh yeah! I don't really care about what people from you location thing or believe. I'm warning you, that you'll be the first person I'm going to eliminate, and who ever is stopping me from getting that number 1 contender spot I'm going to do the exact thing to them.

    Manik turns away and made a sudden stop as it looks like something just popped up in his mind and turn back to Jesse.

    Manik: Oh there's something i forgot to mention to you, I suggest you shouldn't be too hype out about our previous match that you only manage to fluke your way out. Yes, that's what i mean, you've got lucky, and remember don't forget that, luck wont always be on your side, kid. And since you shared with me, a little story of yours, let me tell you something, from where i'm from, we eliminate whoever that is in our way, and all those 7 man that will be in the match is in fact is in my way. And you are one up against me, so be prepared for what's coming for you, kid.

    Manik shove Jesse aside and slams the locker room door close and exit the room.

    Steven: Jesse sure is in deep trouble now, he got the philippino machine in bad mood now, he should have left when he got the chance.

    Lucy: I don't think so, Steve, He may still be very young but, he still got a number ahead of Manik.

    Steven: And it was a fluke!

    Lucy: You may call it a fluke, but he did it countless of times before, so i didn't really take that as a fluke.

    Steven: Yeah, but, what Manik said is true too, you can't expect luck to stay on your side forever.

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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again Empty Re: PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again

    Post by HankHarris on Fri May 12, 2017 9:53 am


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    PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again Empty Re: PPV week 5,Not gonna happen again

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