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    PPV: Do not try this at home (wwe atitude era style)


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    PPV: Do not try this at home (wwe atitude era style) Empty PPV: Do not try this at home (wwe atitude era style)

    Post by Juggles on Wed May 10, 2017 4:38 pm

    Steven DeMayo: And now, something i've been looking forward to seeing..  Our roster came together, in their own unique way, to bring you the following precautionary video. Things have been buzzing throughout the company about this video for months, but i still haven't seen it.. LET'S ROLL ALLREADY!  

    Lucy Woo: Yeah, i haven't gotten the honor of seeing it neither, but indeed it has been the topic around the company for quite a while now. Everything about it was kept a secret, i couldn't even get Juggles to release anything about it, and we all know he is an easy mark. *smiles*

    Steven DeMayo: Very much so *laughs* . But without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, The safety message of MEW. Roll IT!!

    The feed switches. We see an outside wide angle shot of the MEW headquarters building. The buildings exterior is all glass, all the way to the top floor. People are walking in and out, like on every normal day. The feed than fades over to a camera inside the building, in the lobby near the reception desk, which is seen from a front position, with the main lobby to the left and the glass outer wall to the right . The woman behind the desk is smiling, greeting everybody that walks in the building. People are seen walking throughout the lobby, also smiling, greeting one and other as they walk past each other on their way to start their day, things look perfect..  

    Male voice: This is what a typical day at the MEW office looks like. A professional, care free environment, in which our employees strive to uphold the highest standards possible, both on professional and humanitarian levels.. Ah, who are we kidding here...

    The glass window on the right side of the screen shatters, making a tremendous noise. A Wheeled container enters the lobby with great speed through the window, pushed in by Kathepsin. Kathepsin releases the container and it slams up against the wall next to the reception desk with a loud bang. Kathepsin than sticks her hands out in front of her and wipes her hands over each other in a " i sure showed you" kind of fashion, she than nods at the receptionist and turns towards the camera, and walks forward a few feet, leaving the container behind her

    Kathepsin : Here at MEW, things aren't like your typical run of the mill company..

    Unbeknown to Kathepsin the lid of the container has opened and King Raizen is seen slowly rising up from within the container, King Raizen shakes off the cobwebs and than spots Kathespin

    Kathespin: no here at MEW, we like to keep the action going. And nothing says action like..

    King Raizen runs towards Kathespin and clotheslines her to the floor from behind

    King Raizen: Like some actual action! Bamn!

    The feed now switches to a Empty corridor somewhere in the building. The corridor is about 40 meters long and about 3 meters wide. there are doors on both sides of the corridor. A door opens and Kenny Omega walks out of the door and starts walking towards the camera

    Kenny Omega: But while we like our share of action here at MEW, we want to reiterate, that we are actual professionals, that have dedicated many years of our lives to training, to become one with our occupation.

    A door Kenny just walked past opens, and Juggles the Clown walks out holding a steel chair

    Kenny Omega: An occupation that does not come without risks.. The risk of getting a broken limb, the risk of tearing muscles, the risk...

    Juggles runs towards Kenny and slams him across the back with the chair.

    Juggles: Of getting a steel chair slammed across your back *Evil laugh*

    Juggles is laughing very loud while Kenny is seen slowly getting up from off the floor. Juggles stops his laughter and slams Kenny repeatedly with the chair. The feed than switches again. We now see a corporate meeting room on one of the upper floors of the building. The shot is made from a position showing two outer glass walls, to the left and the back side of the room as the drywall inner wall on the right side of the shot, with a door in the middle of the wall. A large table surrounded by chairs is in the middle of the room, the chair at the head of the table is turned backwards. the chair than turns around and shows Hollow sitting in it zipping a drink from a fast food place.

    Hollow: So having said all that, we stress you understand that the business we work in is truly not one to be taken lightly.

    a knocking sounds is heard coming from the door. Hollow stands up, pushes the chair he was sitting on back a bit with his legs while doing so, and walks towards the door

    Hollow: Bad things happen when untrained people attempt to reenact the things they see us do on tv.

    Hollow reaches the door, grabs hold of the handle and slowly opens it

    Hollow: What we are really trying to say is..

    Hollow opens the door, the feed switches to a position now behind hollow, showing Shane Brody standing in the door opening looking very angry. Shane takes a step forward, and is now standing in the door opening, trying to attack Hollow, holding his hands up besides his shoulders ready to grab Hollow. Hollow throw his drink in Shane's face, which seems to have a halting effect on Shane, and than slams the door into Shane repeatedly. Shane falls to the floor, ko'd. the feed switches back to the previous camera position, Hollow than turns towards the camera.

    Hollow: Please,

    Hollow gives a sincere look into the camera. Shane is still on the floor, but is slowly raising his head. Hollow back kicks him in the face, knocking him back out

    Hollow: Do not try this at home.

    The clip is done and the feed fades to black.

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    PPV: Do not try this at home (wwe atitude era style) Empty Re: PPV: Do not try this at home (wwe atitude era style)

    Post by HankHarris on Thu May 11, 2017 11:24 am

    Amazing!! Added Smile

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