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    juggles vs magnus


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    juggles vs magnus Empty juggles vs magnus

    Post by Juggles on Wed May 10, 2017 5:09 pm

    episode 1. Speedy has one of his bright ideas again, calls me and magnus in to office, explains we are in title pic, but many things must happen. he explains in big lines, magnus and i are clueless but agree to it all, as best as we can lol

    epi 2: mATCH, normal rp line stuff,

    epi 3: speedy calls us in again, says hes not happy, thought we both agreed to plan, gets mad etc, tells us there are consequences, later the show, we get a personal trainer or w/e appointed and have to do the 1st task which ofc will be a lame tasks (prolly two or three rps)

    epi4 more of same, build up, silly stuff, characters under go more training, seem to be comming along (2 or 3)

    week 5 ppv? speedy is happy with the progress but proposes 1 more test, on the spot, baiting both, they succeed, and than i do a ppv match with good rp lead in and ending both men uphold to their training and act like real gents.

    epi6 the start of the turn back(more to come later xD)

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