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    juggles vs magnus: Season ?- Episode 1


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    juggles vs magnus: Season ?- Episode 1 Empty juggles vs magnus: Season ?- Episode 1

    Post by Juggles on Thu May 11, 2017 8:50 am

    The feed switches to the GM's office. The frame is filled with Speedy sitting behind his desk

    Speedy: So.. There reason i called the both of you in here is quite simple really. Let me start at the beginning. In recent weeks, the two of you have made an impact on me.. Again, so to say. I mean, for a good while there, i was sure the two of you wouldn't ever again amount to anything, that i was stuck with two washed up has beens.

    Voice: Hey, who you calling a has been? Why i oughtta..

    Other voice: You and me, obviously.. Judgement, yes, judgement indeed.

    The active camera changes, and is now positioned behind Speedy. In front of the desk are.. Magnus and Juggles. Juggles is standing and pointing at Speedy, while Magnus is sitting rocking back and forth in his chair, mumbling to himself

    Speedy: *sigh* Sit back down and take a few deep breaths clown.. Go on!

    Juggles the clown reluctantly sits back down and takes a few deep breaths. The active camera switches to one behind Juggles and Magnus.

    Speedy: BUT as i said, you two surprised me. It appears there's some fire left deep inside.. So, that gave me a great idea!!

    The active cam switches back to the one behind Speedy. Juggles his eyes look like they're going to pop out, that's how large they are. Magnus seems to be unfazed at this time and continuous his normal Shtick

    Juggles: No!.. Whatever it is.. NO! Every time EVER you've said that to me.. Ended up bad for me. No no no NO!

    Juggles crosses his arms in front of his body and looks away from Speedy with a grumpy face. Magnus still doesn't seem to be bothered by anything that is happening. The active cam switches back to the cam behind the two seated wrestlers.

    Speedy: What ever do you mean bad? You were singles champ, on more than 1 occasion, cause of my ideas.. You were tag champ on more than one occasion, cause of my ideas.. You got bigger paychecks, cause of my ideas.

    Juggles: Yeah yeah yeah, but..

    the active feed switches back to the camera behind Speedy. Juggles is leaning forwards, one elbow on a knee, in his chair. Magnus is still mumbling to himself and is looking at random items in the office, still seemingly unaware of anything happening around him

    Juggles:..What i meant isn't about belts or money.. No no, what i am talking about is all the hoops i had to jump through. All the bull droppings you put me through.. Tag teams you said.. This better not be like the time you got me stuck with that Chrollo guy. Worst time of my life, pretentious little snot.. I am not tagging with..

    Juggles points at Magnus and has a disgusted look on his face

    Juggles: THAT! EEEW!

    Magnus, who till now really hadn't been part of the conversation other than him sitting in the same room, now seems to be triggered. He stops mumbling and stop rocking back and forth. He than turns his head towards Juggles and has an angry look on his face.

    Magnus: You.. are disgusted.. by ME!? ME?

    Juggles his remarks seem to have triggered a whole different side of Magnus, who almost launched himself out of his chair with the last "me"

    Magnus: You'd better be prepared to eat those words, Clown. I was a top draw! Won my share of belts.. And i know my way to a shower.. Stinker!

    Magnus jumps out of his seat and Juggles responds accordingly by also springing up from his seat, they seem to be ready to fly at each other, when..


    The two wrestlers cringe slightly from the loudness of Speedy's shouting and both slowly sit back down. The feed switches back to the cam behind the wrestlers, showing the front shot of Speedy again, who is now standing behind his desk, looking quite agitated. Speedy sighs very loud and deep before falling backwards into his chair

    Speedy: Good grief, i haven't even gotten to explaining my idea yet and the two of you instantly prove every doubt i have had so far.. *sighs* I was going to put you both in the title picture.. But this scene here just now, made me realize.. The two of you might have re found your passion, that still doesn't make you champion material. I can't have a either of you idiots as the champ right now.. No.. not the mumbling idiot that obviously has some anger issues, which i didn't even know about..Nor the idiot that cant stay serious for longer than 5seconds and also has massive anger issues.. What was a thinking..*sighs*

    Speedy face palms, and after a few seconds, a light bulb pops up over his head. He moves his head back up and has the hugest smile EVER.

    Speedy: I just had another great idea! I know how to fix everything.. What were going to do is...

    The feed than fades to black, leaving everyone in the dark about Speedys idea.

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