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    Finally speaks about the ppv

    el loco spazz
    el loco spazz

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    Finally speaks about the ppv Empty Finally speaks about the ppv

    Post by el loco spazz on Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:07 am

    Wendy "Turnbuckle" Woo are waiting in the el Loco spazz' door.

    El Loco spazz smiles and stops at Wendy

    Wendy: El loco can you explain your actions from the past ppv

    El loco spazz: Wendy every time I see you you look better and better but yes I'll explain because I feel like it ion have nun to explain nun to them dumb ignorant fans but I did it because this is where the money is at this is where the fame playing into the fans hand wasn't doing nothing for my career but teaming wit Hank the world champ that is best for business

    El loco walks up to Wendy and takes the mic: I don't want the name el loco spazz any more that's the name of the fans my name is Loki the name for me just me I'll keep loko Loki because I'm still crazy but I do this for the right price

    Wendy: um well what's next on the list for you

    Loki smiles : well after I take you out I have business to deal with I have a tag match with my brother mk against that surfer guy and a unknown both shouldn't be in the team with us but we gotta deal with what we got so after we beat them me, mk, and our buddy Hank will go out and celebrate another great night of victory

    Loki walks away laughing

    Wendy: um well back to the ring

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    Finally speaks about the ppv Empty Re: Finally speaks about the ppv

    Post by HankHarris on Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:06 pm

    ADDED Smile

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