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    Week 1 - Surfers Duo


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    Week 1 - Surfers Duo Empty Week 1 - Surfers Duo

    Post by Kathepsin on Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:51 am

    Season 2, RP 1

    Lights in the arena becomes dimmed when suddenly „Eye of the storm“ from Heroes starts to play. Everyone is now watching what will happen because this song is new, so nobody knows what does it mean. We can see some pretty surprised faces in crowd.

    Steven: Wow, i’ve never heard this song before. What’s going on?

    Lucy: Maybe there is new member of our roster and we just don’t know about it.

    Sequence of light flashes appears and two men runs from backstage, both holding something in their hands.

    Steven: They are two!

    Lucy: Indeed, but what are those things they are bringing? I can’t see it clearly because of these flashes.

    Men stop their run and stand on the entrance ramp. The lights turn on and shows two guys in red shorts, with sun glasses and surfboards – one yellow with three red stripes on the top and one white with some words on surface. They greet each other with surfboards and make their way to the ring.

    Steven: Oh man, that’s our new tag team formed during PPV.

    Lucy: You are right, it‘s Kathepsin and The Surfer Guy. To be honest i am happy to see they are both all right and apparently ready for return.

    Steven: For those who don’t know we are talking about, just little reminder. These two guys fought in first ever surfboard ladder match in history and it was really exciting match with some unbeliavable and also frightening moves. Both superstars were in really bad shape and That Surfer Guy wasn’t able to get up and stand without help. The help came from last man you would expected. The winner of this crazy match, Kathepsin made an offer to That Surfer Guy and he agreed to established new tag team.

    Lucy: So here they are!

    Both wrestlers grabs a mic and steps into ring waiting for fans become silent. The noice disappear little by little.

    Kathepsin: Hello everybody here..

    That Surfer Guy: ..and hello everybody in front of the TV screen.

    Kathepsin: We are happy to stand again in the ring before such a great fans.

    That Surfer Guy: As you may remember we were both damaged a lot. But hey, we are not from glass!

    Kathepsin: Now, after a lot of work we are back and we are ready to rush the water here!

    That Surfer Guy: This time as tag team. You may wonder how we call our partnership. Well, let us introduce you Surfers Duo.

    Kathepsin: Nothing frightening, nothing inventive you may think..but it’s simple, easy to remember and i believe we will find our way to your hearts and memories thanks to our performances, not thanks to the most weird or complicated name ever.

    That Surfer Guy: Yesterday we were asked if we are prepared enough for our first tag team match. What do you think was our answer?!

    People screams Yes! Yes! Yes! and Kathepsin with That Surfer Guy smiles.

    Kathepsin: You are right! We said yes and we didn’t lie! Surfers Duo will be in action for the first time tonight.

    That Surfer Guy: We will do our best to impress you and convince all sceptics that we can work together as team, as damn good team. We will unleash the storm!

    Kathepsin: And remember, waves in storm could be really high. We can make it through, let’s see if our today’s rivals can too.

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    Week 1 - Surfers Duo Empty Re: Week 1 - Surfers Duo

    Post by HankHarris on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:27 am

    Thanks Kathe...added Smile

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