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    Week 1- Merciful Destruction

    Lucifer Morgan

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    Week 1- Merciful Destruction Empty Week 1- Merciful Destruction

    Post by Lucifer Morgan on Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:24 pm

    The cameras are moving around the backstage area, at a great pace they are going through a number of doors, with clear intention of their destination. As they finally start to slow, the camera catches a glimpse of an exit sign to show they are heading out into the parking lot.

    Upon bursting out of the doors, the viewers are instantly drawn to two individuals damaging a car straight in front of them. It is also clear from the angle, that they have already damaged the pick-up truck to the left of them, and more than likely several others beside.

    As the camera gets closer, now much slower and with some caution, it is clear that the two individuals are Desdemona Winters and her charge Lucifer Morgan. Lucifer is wailing on the bonnet of the car with a sledgehammer, meanwhile Desdemona who normally doesn’t get physically involved, has taken to smashing the windows, with what appears to be a baseball bat.

    It is as Desdemona turns around, she catches sight of the camera, quickly smashing the mirror off with an overhead swing of the bat, taking it clean off. She motions something inaudible to Lucifer, who carries on the destruction of the car, as Desdemona begins to walk over towards the camera, with the bat resting over one shoulder.

    She arrives much closer, however steps to the side, to make sure that camera is able to keep Lucifer well within shot, as he is still unleashing a constant fury with the sledgehammer, with the sound of the metal crunching ringing out through the lot.

    Desdemona Winters-
    This is how far it’s fallen…

    She motions her empty arm out towards the camera, as if to speak to someone directly.

    Desdemona Winters-
    Can’t even afford to send an interviewer out to me. You’re going to send me and my Lucifer half way round the world, and you don’t even have the courtesy to have an interviewer ready with their stupid questions?

    Desdemona lets out a loud high-pitched squeal, facing away from the camera for a brief moment. As she motions back towards it, she brings the bat down towards the camera, in the most intimidating manner she can manage.

    Desdemona Winters-
    You have all done nothing but treat me and my Lucifer with disrespect since we arrived. For that we will have payment.

    She then slowly moves the bat, back onto her shoulders. Still starring directly at the camera for just long enough for it to become uncomfortable. She then breaks the moment, by letting out her normal twisted smile for the world to see once again.

    Desdemona Winters-
    No matter, I guess I will just have to interview myself…

    Desdemona switches her body position to be on the other side of the camera, and changes her voice just slightly to attempt to sound just a bit more serious.

    Desdemona Winters-
    Desdemona, what is the purpose of all this destruction?

    She then reverts back to her original position, and voice.

    Desdemona Winters-
    I’m glad you asked me that darling, love the bat by the way. Well you see myself and Lucifer realised that as per usual it is the material gains that are forcing us into a position of having to leave here and go to the UK, so we thought we would just take it out on some objects of material desire.

    Desdemona quickly switches back to the other side, and once again changes her voice in order for her to distinguish her separate character. All the while Lucifer, can still be seen in the background, hitting the car repetitively around the front end.

    Desdemona Winters-
    So, you are targeting management cars specifically as a form of revenge?

    Desdemona switches her position back again, and instantly starts laughing quite loudly, to such an extent you can tell it is entirely fake and sarcastic. With a brief pause she answers back to herself.

    Desdemona Winters-
    No, my dear, nothing quite so droll. We are teaching a lesson to everyone, that such selfishness won’t go unpunished. We are just going to damage as many cars as we can before our match tonight. Then maybe everyone will have the chance to learn what happens when you only serve yourself.

    She switches her position again, and begins to nod as if in agreement with what she had just answered herself with.

    Desdemona Winters-
    Well I suppose you can’t say fairer than that. It is so good of you to take it upon yourself to help better the roster. But speaking of your match tonight, what are your thoughts heading into it.

    Desdemona switches back to the side again, she laughs again in response to the question, though not nearly as loudly or as out of control as the last time.

    Desdemona Winters-
    Do you really even need to ask me such a question. Can you not see my Lucifer?

    The camera zooms in past Desdemona, focusing in on Lucifer Morgan, who still has not stopped demolishing the front end of the car in question, the make and model barely recognisable around the twisted metal. As he continues to the hit time and time again.

    Desdemona Winters-
    If someone wishes to put my Leviathan in the ring with the intention of drawing blood. The only question will be if my Lucifer will stop at the sight of first blood, or if he will attempt to remove it all.

    Desdemona switches back into the interviewer position, still nodding her head in agreement with herself.

    Desdemona Winters-
    It is hard to argue with such an incredible athlete as your Lucifer is. He has been on a tear right from the beginning, and I’m sure that will culminate in this inaugural gold tonight. Can we perhaps get some parting words from the man himself please?

    Desdemona switches her position once again, this time greeting the “interviewer” with a smile, and not even her normal wicked smile, as she begins to speak.

    Desdemona Winters-
    Well as this has been such a lovely interview, and as you have asked so nicely…

    She turns to face to Lucifer, back to the camera and calls over to Lucifer Morgan.

    Desdemona Winters-

    Lucifer stops himself near mid swing, and instantly stands up straight to start walking over towards the camera and Desdemona Winters. With his massive strides, it takes him no time to arrive, with Desdemona not having taken her eyes off him, as she carries on with the same smile as before.

    “The Leviathan” Lucifer Morgan-
    “In a world gushing blood day and night, you never stop mopping up pain.”… Aberjhani

    Desdemona begins to laugh maniacally to the quoting from her Lucifer, as the camera picks up on her moving her bat, as if to wind up with a sudden swing, that leads to the camera going black.

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