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    Surfers in London

    King of Wolves
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    Surfers in London Empty Surfers in London

    Post by King of Wolves on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:05 am

    Victoria Stone catches up with King of Wolves.
    Who is casually walking away from the general manager's office, looking rather annoyed.

    Victoria Stone: King of Wolves, If I may?
    Why the angry face?

    King of Wolves looks at the microphone shoved towards him and then at the woman holding it.
    He takes a step or two forward, but then turns and decides to answer her question

    King of Wolves: Well if you must know Victoria, I have just been told that because we beat those two newbies last week.
    That I must team again with Bloody Knuckles.
    When I would rather drive his head into the mat, like when he beat me 1,2,3, following a DDT from nowhere.
    Until last week I had never, ever teamed with anyone,
    I certainly never imagined it would be with him.
    I guess the old saying is true,
    Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

    King of Wolves pauses and laughs, before resuming.

    King of Wolves: I mean just look at those two newbies from last week.
    They really got on real friendly like.
    We beat them and they just exploded on themselves.
    Enough about last week, or even Bloody Knuckles.
    Surfer boys or whatever name you use.
    London must be really good for surfing huh?

    King of Wolves starts laughing again before looking at Victoria.

    King of Wolves: Any more questions?

    Victoria Stone: What is your plan for tonight?

    King of Wolves: My plan?
    Now if I told you that, everyone would know.
    I don't even want my partner to know.
    That word, partner chokes me everytime I say it.
    My plan is real simple, I plan to win.
    I tasted my first victory and I want more.
    Now your time is up, I have a match to prepare for.

    King of Wolves walks away off camera as the scene fades to black...

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