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    Comercial: ruggy girlfriend


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    Comercial: ruggy girlfriend Empty Comercial: ruggy girlfriend

    Post by Juggles on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:19 am

    Voice: Men.. We've all been down this road. You have this hot girlfriend, but really, her personality stinks, she is just rotten to the core, shouts at small kids and old people, kicks and slaps animals, just basically a very, very evil person and you really should break up with her...

    Comercial: ruggy girlfriend 7d882a46ca1196c6850b1a3961f0e52a--melissa-clark-sexy-hot-girls

    Voice: The problem is.. She's hotter than any woman you have ever been with... Well fret not, we have the solution for you.. You can be together for ever, and she wont ever humiliate you or be evil to anyone ever again!!!

    Comercial: ruggy girlfriend 4bc6d6c9-dfcd-453c-97f0-1c08141dac41

    Voice: Order now, and we will throw in your mother in law for FREE!! Great for at the front door to scare away unwanted guests!! What are you waiting for.. ORDER NOW!!

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