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    Who is this?

    Trey Johnson

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    Who is this? Empty Who is this?

    Post by Trey Johnson on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:53 pm

    The camera pans around the parking lot, where a stretch Hummer Limousine pulls up to the arena entrance.

    The limousine parks then the driver gets out the car and goes to the left side of the the limo. The limo driver opens the door.

    The camera pans to the ground, where a lady in some red heels step out onto the concrete. A few seconds past. Then a beautiful young lady, who is wearing a black dress with some jewelry steps out. Then a few seconds pass by then a gentleman in a black suit steps out.

    He has a smile on his face... he gestures for the lady to go first. The lady walks into the building, the camera catches the man, looking at her as she walks.

    The man follows her, he looks at the camera, and says, "It's show time!" The man and the lady enter the building, the camera fades to black as the door closes shut.

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