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    Rp for Bloody vs Kenny

    GM Nomad

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    Rp for Bloody vs Kenny Empty Rp for Bloody vs Kenny

    Post by GM Nomad on Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:56 am

    The camera focuses on Wendy 'Turnbuckle' Woo is standing with Kenny Omega who is seen getting out of his Car.

    Wendy: Kenny how is everything. After wrestling all around the world and in multiple different promotions you decided to rest in MEW for a while. Whats the occasion of you wanting to come aboard?

    Kenny Omega: I go around the world to prove three things. One, I am the greatest wrestler to step into the ring. Second, No one is on the same level as me. Third, That my knees and elbows and a little bit stronger then everyone elses.

    Once that is said a man is seen walking towards Kenny Omega and Wendy Woo hiding his hands and stopping right in front of them both.

    Wendy: Look its Bloody Knuckles.

    Kenny: Look who it is. My opponent mr. knuckles. Are you ready to face defeat?

    Bloody knuckles exposes his hands to the camera revealing them to be scared and slightly bloody. He lightly laughs and attempts to kick Kenny Omega but as kenny dodges and focuses on Bloody Knuckles legs he falls for Bloody knuckles trap.

    Bloody Knuckles quickly jabs Kenny Omega causing him to stumble. Right before Kenny Omega gets a chance to hit Bloody knuckles a Security Guard gets in the middle and takes the punch. The Security Guard begins to hold Kenny Omega back.

    Kenny Omega: I'll see you in the ring. Ill reserve my  knee until then.

    Kenny walks away. Wendy Woo focuses on Bloody Knuckles who is seen laughing.

    Wendy: Any words you would like to say Bloody?

    Bloody Knuckles laughs and walks away.

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    Rp for Bloody vs Kenny Empty Re: Rp for Bloody vs Kenny

    Post by HankHarris on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:50 pm

    I'm guessing this match was part of the old card? I have worked Kenny into Loan's RP for this week, check it out Speedy.

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