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    in-ring debut next week


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    in-ring debut next week Empty in-ring debut next week

    Post by ike on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:04 pm

    "opponent's theme song" he walked straight down to the ring,with lot's of angry in his face.

    commentator 3:what is he doing here?

    commentator 2:i don't know but their is only one way to find out.
    "opponent walk in the ring"

    opponent:quite!!!.i have something important to say.last week i was choke slam inside a casket by a man who called himself the three s. "the crowd cheered"

    opponent:shut up!!!.oh you think that was funny?you all believed it was entertaining? "crowd cheered again"you all must be fools,to believe that."crowd booing" oh shut up,i am the star,i'm the you all must respect me."crowd booing"finally i will use this opportunity to call out ike and he will apolog.....

    camera drive toward him as he enters the arena slowly. walked down the ring and grab a microphone.

    ike: you must be a little brave kid to call out a lion from his den,brave enough to call out the died from the underworld and brave enough to call me out!!!
    "a mega thunder after the last word"
    ike: but i don't know if you will be the same with me in the ring next week,cause that will be the only way to get your apologzie. one more thing, if i win you will serve me as your master.
    opponent was afraid while ike was leaving."theme song (ike)"

    commentator 1:i can't wait till next week.

    commentator 2:  yeah me too,cause finally we will be seeing the ike's in ring debut.see you guys next week.

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