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    the beginning Empty the beginning

    Post by ike on Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:03 pm

    commentator 2: up next is the match we have be waiting for.

    The following contest is scheduled for One Fall!

    Introducing first: opponent

    "opponent theme song"

    and his opponent: ike

    "ike's theme song"

    opponent gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
    opponent opens wide his arms
    ike defends himself with the hands stopping a Mongolian Chop
    ike holds opponent
    and strikes his throat with an Uppercut

    ike grabs opponent's neck with both hands
    opponent blocks the execution of Two Handed Choke Lift

    ike prepares his arm
    opponent stops the adversary's arm avoiding the right execution of a Punch

    ike prepares to strike the adversary
    opponent moves to the side eluding a Punch and taking back the initiative

    opponent opens wide his arms
    and hits ike on the face with the palms of the hands performing a Mongolian Chop

    opponent turns against the adversary
    ike stops the rival's leg preventing the execution of a Mule Kick

    opponent opens wide his arms
    ike defends himself with the hands stopping a Mongolian Chop

    opponent and ike stare proudly at each other and then engage in a exciting test of strength, trying to overcome their opponent

    after a few, seemingly endless, seconds and an enormous effort ike prevails pushing opponent on the ground
    ike approaches opponent
    opponent knocks ikes hands aside blocking a Brain Squeezer

    opponent leaps up executing a somersault, pointing at ike lying across the ring
    and lands on him splashing him with a Standing Moonsault

    opponent executes a backflip standing next to the lying opponent
    ike moves out the way just in time, dodging a Standing Moonsault and retaking initative
    ike grabs opponent head placing his neck on the ropes
    and leans down pushing hard with a Choke At Ropes

    ike grabs opponent leg
    he increases the pressure on the grasp by executing a One Leg Boston Crab

    opponent escapes from the hold

    opponent gets up!!

    stay down and pin yourself

    opponent open his arms ready to hit ike
    ike moves to the side and he avoids a Mongolian Chop, taking back the initiative
    ike holds opponent
    and hits him with the forearm by performing an Uppercut

    ike climbs onto the second rope with opponent pressed against the turnbuckle
    opponent avoids the 10 Punches at Turnbuckle with difficulty

    opponent rushes towards his rival on the ground
    ike evades the Fist Drop and gains the initiative
    ike grabs opponent leg and then he sits on him,
    then he tries to cause pain on his back by pulling on it, executing a One Leg Boston Crab

    ike keeps his weak submission hold
    ike releases his grasp

    opponent gets up!!

    opponent schaut den Gegner wütend an, ausführend Rage

    stay down and pin yourself

    opponent schneidet mit dem Daumen die Kehlen entlang, einen Rage ausführend

    ike leaves the ring

    opponent leaves the ring

    they both walked toward the bell keeper

    ike punched opponent and he fall into the ball keeper.opponent secretly grabs a bell.
    ike walked down opponent and he hits he with the bell.

    immediately the referee sees it he disqualified him.
    but opponent won't stop cause of his past week.
    ike was injured and was rushed to the hospital.

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