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    Introduction: Hollow


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    Introduction: Hollow Empty Introduction: Hollow

    Post by Hollow on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:53 am

    Wrestler Name: Hollow

    Wrestler Age: 21

    Wrestler Height: 6'3"

    Wrestler Weight: 257 lbs

    Wrestler Sex: Male

    Nationality: India

    Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener(Both Face & Heel)

    Biography:  Adam when just 2 years old became orphan when his parents died in a storm while they were traveling back to home through sea. He was under the care of his uncle who were wrestling coach, Adam spent most of the time with his uncle looking him train others and by just looking he learned some good techniques. He has made good friends with Johnny Hardcore, who trained under his uncle's guidance. Johnny was also orphan but he was self depending, he was like a big brother to Adam. One day in the school some bullies tried to tease him being an orphan, he was headstrong and ignored them but as the school day ended, there was a beat down between Adam and those bullies, ending with Adam alone beating those three and even making one of them bleed. His uncle and others parents were called. Adam was been accused by those three for the things he didn't do, but Adam stayed quiet all the time, stunned by memory of his parents which he never get to be along for much time. His uncle was very angry at him for what he did, on the way home while his uncle was driving and telling Adam about his parents and that he shouldn't get into the fights, he was angry at Adam not for beating them but staying quiet while he was being accused. He said “Never get accused for the things you didn't do, never get backed down by anyone, always go with the truth and learn to fight for it”. While they stopped at the signal, their car got hit by a semi truck, both were injured and they were rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital, Adam gained consciousness and he desperately tried searching for his uncle, it was revealed that his uncle was brain dead, and later that night his uncle died. This came as a terrible shock for Adam, while he was still just 8 years old, it was very high pressure for him to handle. Adam was very depressed and this depression eventually became a mental disease for him making him mentally ill and unconscious, he was sent to the asylum where he was just quiet, never did anything nor talked to anyone for 11 months, he was just in the world of his uncle and his teachings, his memories. When he gained mental consciousness he tried hard to get away from the asylum to go to his uncle which he loved very much and believed he was still alive, after trying and failing for 3 years he was able to escape the asylum, but he was spotted by the guards of the asylum, in a long chase he was able to get rid of the guards and reach the highway, he was very tired from that chase, his eyes were getting blur and his breath was increasing where he could get lift to his destination, but as he tries to get on the road he gets hit by a car, his head gets hit to the steel sign post busting him wide open and making him unconscious. Unfortunately, the man who was driving the car was the warden of the asylum! Adam was taken back to the asylum and was cured, where now due to his head injury he had became totally mad and insane. Adam started hurting people in the asylum by imagining them as the bullies from his school. The warden was keeping his eye on Adam, he was seeming to get interest in him and take him to the asylum wrestling section where he can wrestle other patients and test his limits. When the warden came to knew about Adam's past, he helped Adam to get cured totally. Looking at Adam, the warden saw his own son's reflection in him, who was killed in a shootout. Warden took care of Adam as his son, the love warden shared with Adam helped him get cured. Adam also saw his uncle's reflection in the warden, he missed his uncle, but warden didn't let Adam feel alone. Warden saw Adam's wrestling talent and helped him to get better in it, trained him, improved his in-ring abilities. Adam showed his own unique technique in it. All the hard work and efforts warden and Adam put in it finally paid off. Depending on Adam's talent, he was given pro wrestling contract. Adam signed the contract under the ring name Hollow.

    Trademark/s: Dream Twister (Jumping Twisting DDT), Slam Dunk, Funk (pop-up spinebuster), Sleeper Hold

    Finishing Move/s: Spear, Eternal Demise (Kneeling Powerbomb)

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