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    Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1


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    Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1 Empty Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1

    Post by HankHarris on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:23 pm

    If this could be placed early in the show, well before my match and Lucifer's RP, that would be ideal placement. Thanks.

    We cut backstage to the general managers office where we find CEO John Lartikus sitting at a desk with his feet up. We can see he is on his mobile phone but we can only hear his side of the conversation.

    John Lartikus: You are more than welcome my old friend. I just hope he turns out to be as big a star as you say…well we would all be very happy with that wouldn’t we.

    Suddenly there is a knock at the door and the camera pans to reveal a huge man standing in the doorway. The man is wearing sweats and sleeveless top, revealing huge arms covered in tattoos.

    Man: I’m looking for Mr Lartikus.

    Lartikus casts him a quick glance and continues his conversation.

    John Lartikus: It looks like your ship just came in my friend…oh yes very impressive. I’m sure we’ll be speaking again very soon…and you.

    Lartikus hangs up his mobile and looks directly at the man.

    John Lartikus: Take a seat kid.

    Looking unsure the man enters the room but continues to stand.

    Man: Are you Mr Lartikus?

    John Lartikus: That’s me. CEO of MEW and owner of everything you see before you.

    Man: Good. I’m…

    John Lartikus: Hank ‘The Tank’ Harris.

    John says smiling.

    Hank Harris: No one has called me ‘The Tank’ in a very long time.

    John Lartikus: Well if you don’t mind me saying, I think you should think about bringing it back. The fans love that kind of stuff and not to mention the merchandise you could make. I’m thinking little toy tanks with your torso coming out of the top. Half man, half tank, what do you think?

    Hank Harris: With all due respect, it sound’s terrible sir.

    John Lartikus: Shame because that kind of stuff will sell, believe me, I know what sells. I mean just look at what I’ve built.

    Hank looks around and nods his head in agreement.

    Hank Harris: To be honest sir, I couldn’t give a rats ass what kind of toys you want to make. All I care about is getting into that ring and showing the whole roster what I’ve got. I’ve paid my dues and busted my backside these past 2 years and…

    John Lartikus: And you’ve used a very powerful and influential figure to get you a shot in the big time. Now I’m a real straight shooter kid, I call it how I see it and I’ve heard your speech a thousand times. You’re a failed football player with a point to prove and you think the whole world owes you something. Well you might be one big son of a gun and you might have the backing of some powerful people but here in MEW I’m the top dog, remember that. Fight hard and put this organization first and then and only then might you make something of yourself. If you don’t like any of what I’ve just said please take your big ass out of the door you came in.

    Hank looks unsure and after a brief moment he stands and exits. Just before he leaves he takes inhale of breath and speaks.

    Hank Harris: I understand.

    Hank exits and we see Lartikus smile.

    John Lartikus: That a boy Hank, that a boy.

    Camera fades to black.

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    Trey Johnson

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    Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1 Empty Re: Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1

    Post by Trey Johnson on Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:49 pm

    I like how you used John. Great rp

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    Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1 Empty Re: Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1

    Post by HankHarris on Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:51 pm

    Thanks Trey Smile

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    Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1 Empty Re: Week 1 - Rolling into town - RP1

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