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    Pre RP planning

    GM Nomad

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    Pre RP planning Empty Pre RP planning

    Post by GM Nomad on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:45 am

    Important stuff here.

    As an rper, you need to plan ahead a little bit to write the best rp you can.

    Now everyone is different in this aspect. Some people, like need to plan their rp's very well, they have little notes on topics to cover, things like that, sort of like preparing for a speech. They know what they will say, and how they will say it.

    Then there are people like me. When preparing for an rp, all I really do is come up with a basic idea of what I want to say, and one or two cool things I really wanna say.

    Be however detailed, or laid back as you want in your preparation, but make sure you do the one that helps you most.

    And whichever you do... it will help your rp.
    When you go into an rp with an idea, whether it be to reveal that you are the illegitimate half-retarded son of the GM and a bear, or you simply want to call out your feud partner, planning is important. What do you say? How long will the rp be? These are things you should know, or at least have a grasp of before rping. Otherwise, you get into unnecessary babble, nothing is more annoying than reading an rp that is pretty good, then out of no where the rper realized he wasn't overly heel/face, and just shoots a random insult/shout out to the fans. The better the planning, the more interesting things are. Come into every rp with a purpose, whether it be to insult the fans and put your self over as a heel, or to announce your retirement. Either way planning will help keep the dialogue fresh, and keep the flow of the rp good. Unless your character jumps from topic to topic incoherently for no real reason, your rp should flow smoothly, and ideas should at least be vaguely connected, and pre rp planning accomplishes this.

    Anyway, that's all for now.
    Trey Johnson

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    Pre RP planning Empty Re: Pre RP planning

    Post by Trey Johnson on Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:24 am

    In other words, don't over due it. Just be yourself and rp. Lol

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