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    Post by GM Nomad on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:51 am

    Okay, here we go.

    What do you think is the most important part of an rp?

    That's right, it isn't the color of your text... It is in fact your character.

    Every rp should develop a character. That is the entire point of rping, to help build the character. Sure it isn't always number one, sometimes you're trying to build heat for a feud, but in that process you have a chance to develop your character. Think about this:

    You're a heel, you're feuding someone and you want to gather heat: how will you do it?

    There are a lot of options:
    you could insult the crowd
    you could insult your opponent
    you could attack your opponent
    you could steal something from them
    trash their locker room
    kidnap a sibling(Really stupid thing to do)
    harass their GF
    cheating to win a match
    or maybe just pin them as a cheater if they've beaten you.

    All of those will surely build your character as a heel in this feud... However which do you do? Well, if you created your character properly, you know Jack Williams would probably harass a GF, or insult them, while Cobra Exodus would attack them. That builds there character right there, if cobra's main way of getting over as a heel is to be violent, that is his character, we shouldn't see cobra exodus hitting on a girl, or stealing something, no, he'd trash a locker room, or assault his opponent, while Jack would very easily be seen insulting his opponent, harassing a girl, and probably pinning them as a liar, or a heel them self.

    Point is, you don't see a big bad ass heel like old Kane picking up wins with a cheap roll up, or cashing in his rematch clause at a cheap time, we see him brutalize the opponent, take things too far. That is important, you see because every rp should help build your character as to what they do. Are they a relaxed face with a deep passion for wrestling? Are they a tense loner face that gains support through his never say die attitude? I shouldn't have to read your gimmick to know, every rp should help build the character you created.

    A lot of people make the mistake of having a character who is hard to figure out, the only thing they know about their character is whether they are face or heel. So one night they could insult the fans, and be the light-hearted arrogant heel like Edge. But another, they become big bad destroyer guy who kicks everyone's ass... That is the opposite of good character development, I as the reader have no clue who or what your character brings to the table, I don't know if I insult you whether or not you take it like a man, or if you cry like a little baby.

    Which brings me to another point... Know how your character will react to various things. If someone insult's something very important to your character, what will they do? (or do they even have anything they truly care about) Will your character nonchalantly respond with an off-handed insult, or will they just start swinging? You need to know what they'll do, back in RWE I made this mistake, Kelly(the interviewer) insulted me, and my character hit her, which was out of character, I was simply trying to put myself over as a heel, not really thinking about things, now that isn't a huge deal, but it developed Cyrus as a very different heel than he was intended to be. So you need to know how your character reacts to these things; now he may be a mix of things, perhaps your character takes an insult like a man, or comes up with a clever come back several times, but after enough insults they snap and start swinging... Be consistent, you don't want your character to be like "oh your mom" one night, and the next "FUCK YOU TOO!"(unless something happens to make them lose their cool)/

    Anyway, that's all i have to say on this topic for now...

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