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    Post by GM Nomad on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:53 am

    Okay, Here's the deal, None of you really know how to organize an RP.
    Im not saying im perfect at ths either, but im pretty damn good with organization.
    It's as if im going to be more like a tutor than a teacher right now.
    First thing first, When organizing an RP you have to have a plan.
    Does the RP have to be long, does so and so have to reply, maybe It's supposed to be a Hit and Run attempt.
    If you don't have an Idea on where your RP is going it'll look something like this:

    Mystic slowly creeps into the quiet Locker Room. He gazes into Hitmans locker. Within the locker's confines is a few bandages, comics, and his Championship Belt. Mystic slowly edges his arm forward grasping the belt. Hitman runs in and attempts to attack Mystic. Mystic counters and the two men carefully study each other.

    Mystic: "Hitman, that title is mine. I'm demanding a title shot. I hope that GM Crashoverride lets us fight."

    Hitman: "Well, I just attacked you, and all you can think of is a title match. Oh and by the way, Crash, Last week your win was a Fluke. I hope that when we step into the ring again, your ready..."

    See? Pretend i'm Mystic.
    That started as me trying to steal a title belt.
    Then Hitman attacking and failing.
    Then me asking for a titleshot, in poor grammer btw.
    Then Hitman trying to heat up a fued.
    That is unorganized, and that ruins the flow of the show.
    Now, most of you, just reply to any RP you want, and that makes me angry.
    Some of you write more than 1 RP each week, and reply to every RP you want.
    That stuff makes me angry, especially when your not very good at it.

    Askingfor matches week in and week out, Doent get you a match, and then asking me to reply to every RP, with 20 People RP'ing asking for a match, That doesn't help me. I am going through a Crucial point with work and love and more, and I don't have the Time. So when you RP, Have a Plan. Step 2 would be to Figure out if you need someone to RP with you, Most of the time you dont.

    If you don't need someone to Reply, don't leave the end of the RP so vague.
    When you end an RP, try to make the Camera Fade. This way people know not to Reply.
    If you just say, So and so exits the ring, this leaves a thing I like to call, Exiting Entrance.
    Exiting Entrance, is something the WWE does at times, They have someone walking
    up the ramp, as someone comes down for a match. This is only because they don't have any other ideas. I DO NOT like Exiting Entrance, it leaves a spot for anyone to come out and reply.

    Step 3 would to write the RP and stay true to the topic. If I originally plan to Gain Some Heat towards my feud, than I have to gain heat, and if I end up asking for a match, then that screws stuff up. I DO NOT like people who constantly ask for matches each week, and Special matches none the less.

    The thing is, If you RP, you'll probably have a match, and I have to writespecial matches, and that's a pain in the ass, and Title Matches, are a bigger pain, because I have Plans for titles, and chances are, you're not getting a title match, thus, asking for one is useless.

    Step 4, Put it all together. Heres an Example of a Well organized RP:

    Mystic is shown scribbling on paper. Hard at work he raises his head to see Jessica Lewis standing in front of him. He shifts some papers, and motions for Jessica to sit. Jessica gazes upon the glorious GM as he holds his Dragon's Soul Championship perched upon his shoulder.

    Mystic: "What can I do for a lovely lady like you? Can I get you something to drink?"

    Jessica: "Well, I was wondering, What did you mean by theme for this season? And what does Music have to do with it? "

    Mystic gives a little chuckle. He gazes straight into Jessica's eyes.

    Mystic: "Well, the theme is something that is going to change things. By change, I mean make match types go with it, Things will happen based around the theme. I chose music, because it is a very calm and serene thing of beauty."

    "Music is power, Music is something that changes people, and shows true feeling and emotion. I want that. I want to show people just how much, This buisness matters to me."

    "Wrestling is my life, and I want that Feeling, that Emotion, to be involved in my work.Quality is not quantity, Quality is what you make it.  Feeling and Emotion, are two different things, and they balance music. "

    "So if Music is what the people Enjoy, if Music has two traits that balances it out,
    then why not incorporate it into my work. Now im busy, so if you could kindly leave."

    See that. Now I didn't put an ending action, due to time issues.
    But that is straight to the point, and I made it lengthy by elaborating on what I was saying.

    This has been your lesson.

    NOTE: All belts and interviewers and wrestlers in this guide are FAKE. I don't want PMs for a title match for the Dragon's Soul Championship if it doesn't even exist.

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