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    Adding Drama

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    Adding Drama Empty Adding Drama

    Post by GM Nomad on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:57 am

    Max: "Alright class, settle down.  Today we'll be covering ways to improve the dramatic effect in your RPs."

    Max Thomas turns to the board and scribbles a hardly legible word:Staggering. He turns back to the class.

    Max: "Staggering.  Does anyone have an idea what it means?"

    Max looks around the class, seeing that no one raised their hand.

    Max: "I see....  Well staggering is the breaking up of lines in an RP to produce a dramatic effect.  For example:"

    Max calls Queketh up from his seat. Queketh walks to the front of the class, looking awkward with the attention put on him.

    Max: "Let's say Quek and I are in a feud. We've done quite a bit of matches and RPs already, and we're just about at the end of it: time for the dramatic conclusion right? Well, how to make it dramatic is the question of the day. Here's an easy way to make the announcement a little more impressive and shocking. Class, be sure to read line by line, as you would see it in a real show for the intended message."

    Max clears his throat before bringing an imaginary microphone to his lips and turning to face Q.

    Max(using imposing voice fitting of the scenario): "Queketh! It's time we ended this, one on one, you and me, in a first blood match!"

    Max puts down the imaginary mic and turns to the class.

    Max: "See how flat that was? Nothing surprising about it, just straight to the point. Now see how doing it like this makes for a better effect."

    Max clears his throat and turns, bringing the imagi-mic to his lips.

    Max: "Queketh! It's time we ended this! I'm sick of your games! It's gonna one on one, you and me at the PPV in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH!!"

    Max puts down the mic and turns.

    Max: "You may be seated Queketh, thank you. See class, staggering what you have to say builds drama, people hang on your words, waiting to see what you're going to say next. Once you get used to it, it's very easy."

    Max turns to the board and starts erasing the board.

    Max: "With that, class is dismissed. For next class I want a three page paper on how and why staggering your speech is important."

    The bell rings

    That is basically it.

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