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    Post by Trey Johnson on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:18 am

    The camera pans around the Asylum, the fans are shouting, "Asylum", "Asylum", "Asylum" over and over again. The camera pans around the arena then lands to the commentators, Lucy Woo and Steven DeMayo, sitting at the announcers table.

    Lucy: Hello everyone, my name is Lucy Woo nod my partner is Steven DeMayo.

    Steven: Hello everyone, my name is Steven.

    Lucy: Come on Steven, you need to sound more enthusiastic than that.

    The crowd cheers and starts back chanting "Insylum"

    Steven: This is just another job for me, so why should I?

    The crowd boos after Steven comments.

    Lucy: Because this is Masters Asylum first ever show!! And I'm pretty sure they want to start the show off with a bang.

    The cameras pans around the arena as the fans starts back screaming even louder than before.

    Steven: You're right about that. But honestly, I don't care as long as I get my paycheck at the end of these every two weeks.

    Lucy: You're no fun Steven! Tonights going to be a good night even if we have to deal with you...

    Suddenly the lights in the arena cut off and starts to flicker on and off. "I'm the man by Aloe Blacc" blast through the P.A. System and out walks the C.E.O of Masters Etiquette Wrestling, John Lartikus.

    John Lartikus is wearing a nice expensive suit with a red tie and the red alligator skinned shoes. He walks on to the stage smiling with a microphone in his hand. He begins to slowly walk down the aisle.

    The fans begin to shout, "John, John, John!" He waves his hand with the mic. His other hand is down in his pocket. He reaches the ring and climbs up the stairs. He enters the ring and goes to the middle of the ring.

    He motions for the crowd to calm down before he begins to speak. He clears his throat as the fans begin to quiet down. He lifts the microphone up to his mouth as he looks around.

    John Lartikus: Hello everyone, my name is John... John Lartikus in case most of you didn't know my name. I am the CEO of Masters Etiquette Championship. Yes, I am the person that will keep you fans on your heels, entertained and wondering what the company's next move will be.

    John: You see guys, I was at the house, watching TV, and I got a called and they offered me a position to be the CEO of MEW.. honestly I thought it was a joke, but after hearing them talk, they offered me a contract, that I couldn't turn down and now look me, I'm the CEO of the next big wrestling company.

    John: Now, we will have our downs, plenty of them, but we will have our ups... I want to have more ups then downs. My vision for this show...

    John: Correction, my vision for this company, is to take this company to the top...And when we get to this top, we will stay there. You guys see, we have some of the most talented wrestlers in the world in Masters Asylum. With all this talent we have, I don't see why we can't take the wrestling world by storm.

    The fans start screaming and shouting "We got this!" Over and over again.

    John: That's what I'm talking about. With the help of you guys, I see why we can't be the best.... be the very best. See that's what I am, I am the very best at what I do.Many of you guys don't think that, but I just have to prove it.

    John: See I'm going to start off tonight, with a bang. Your GM and I have scheduled some great matches planned for you guys. For start we'll have...

    The lights in the arena cut off. They start to flicker. Then the lights cut off and a video pops up on the screen.

    The video shows a man walking round the backstage area, it's dark but you can see his figure, the man stands about 6'2". Red smoke starts showing up on the ground.. The man starts speaking..

    Mysterious Man: John, John, John... sorry for interrupting your speech. But I had enough.. you see I know you. You're nothing but a lier... You see I was just like these fans, I had... I do mean had faith you but you showed me different...

    Man: I promise you I won't let you do this to this company, the way you did your last company... you break promises John. But I was always told, you reap what you sew, and I will make sure you reap what you sew.

    Man: So John, I advice you watch your back, because I'm coming for you. Haha, bye bye Brother. Be easy.

    The lights cut back on and pans to John, who likes he had an heart attack. John drops the microphone, then leaves the ring.

    Lucy: I wonder who was that.

    Steven: I have no idea but I kinda like him. I haven't seen no one run out the ring like John just did.

    Lucy: We don't know him, or his name or what he looks like.

    Steven: I know but i like him for some odd as reason.

    Lucy: Whoever that was called John brother...

    Steven: He sure did.

    The camera pans away and slowly fades to black.

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    Post by Trey Johnson on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:15 am

    Done. Comments and thoughts very much appreciated

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