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    We Are Here (Closed) Empty We Are Here (Closed)

    Post by Hunterbane on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:24 pm

    The Screen Shows A Mysterious Man In A Dark Room Nothing To See Except 4 Shadows There Is Whispers Coming From The Room And After A Minute Full Of Whispers It Stops Then A Man Comes Closer Then The Camera Shows A Mysterious Man And After A While The Mysterious Man Starts Talking

    Mysterious Man:It Is Coming...It Is Coming I Can See It With My Two Eyes Getting Closer And Closer And Closer And When It Comes It Will Be The End Of All Of Us All Of The Mankind...And All The Change In MEW

    Then Another Man Shows Up In The Right Side Of The Other Mysterious Man

    The Other Mysterious Man:His Name Is Hunterbane And My Name Is The Big Dog

    Then Another Man Shows Up In The Left Side Of Hunterbane

    The Mysterious Man:And I Am Block Buster

    Then Standing Behind Hunterbane Is The Only One Left

    Mysterious Man:And I Am Ian Tense We Came Here For Three Goals

    Big Dog Looks At Ian Tense For A Moment Then Looks At The Camera Again

    Big Dog:We Came Here For Three Missions

    Big Dog Looks At Block Buster

    Block Buster:For Three Targets

    They All Look At Hunterbane

    Hunterbane:We Are The Silver Stars And Our Target Is To Dominate The Competition Win Titles And Most Important One Is....

    They Say The Same Word At The Same Time

    All In One Voice:Glory!

    They All Leave The Dark Room And Inside The Room There Is A Letter The Words That Is Written On It Is "IT IS HERE" And Then Camera Fades To Black

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