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    Post by Aristobulos on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:36 pm

    Hello everyone. I am Aristobulos. Tony in the real world out there. I am new to TWG and this is my first character on here. I am a longtime fan of wrestling from back in the 70's to present. The forum topic asked us to introduce our real selves and such but many have also utilized the space to speak of their character as well. I will attempt to do both. As for me the non-wrestling entity, I work in the fields of network engineering and cybersecurity. I also work part time as a college instructor in those same fields of study. I live in the United States. I tele-work quite often which provides me a certain amount of flexibility with regards to playing the game. I am 42 years old and am a self professed comic book, science fiction, and fantasy nerd. I love computers and technology in general. I read a lot with a personal library of over 8000 books to my name. I also play drums and have played since I was 4 years old. I am a born again Christian and proud of my beliefs, but do not push them on others. I consider myself to be respectful and honorable. If you have any questions feel free to message me and ask. I can be a bit quirky, I identify well with the humor of Douglas Adams, for those that may be familiar with his works.

    Hair: Long curly dark brown (When in normal form)
    Eyes:Brown(When in normal form)
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 285LBS
    Alignment: Chaotic

    Aristobulos has a mysterious background that very few know all of the details of other than himself and those that imbued him with his abilities. What is known within general knowledge is that he was caught in a gang war as an innocent by-stander and was shot multiple times. Many thought he was mortally wounded and would die of his wounds. He laid in a coma for months with little to no brain activity, just enough to not declare him legally dead. He suddenly came out of the coma and mysteriously walked away from the hospital without anyone noticing late one stormy evening.

    Suddenly not long after a mysterious figure had arrived on the underground cage-fighting and wrestling circuits. This figure targeted people that had done ill towards others and seemed to relish in delivering to them his own form of vengeance for the sins they had perpetrated on others. This figure was unrecognizable, he showed up coated in white body paint with glowing piercing eyes. The only noticeable and identifiable attributes were his physique and his goatee. He covered his head with a green cowl and wore green tights and boots, dark green. He seemed to relish the pain of those that had inflicted pain on others.

    The unknown backstory of Aristobulos is that while in his coma he was healed and joined by the spirit of vengeance. This spirit's sole purpose is to unleash justice on those that deserve it, many times, in not so justice based manners. His vengeance has been known to ruin careers or at the very least cut them very short. As time went by, Aristobulos became concerned with the fact that there always seemed to be more vengeance to dish out. His work seemed to not be making a difference in his mind. He pondered this for quite some time and came to the conclusion that the only way to fulfill his mission of administering vengeance and find peace would be to bring about the apocalypse. So he now travels amongst federations, his sole goal to obtain followers and eventually bring about the apocalypse.

    He is known to mysteriously appear to his opponents in their mirrors, or glasses of water, or other reflective surfaces. He is dark with a noble intent but considers that the ends will justify the means making him tread and step over the line from good into evil. <more back story to come>

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