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    three S is back

    ike 2

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    three S is back Empty three S is back

    Post by ike 2 on Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:22 pm

    commentator 1: what an incredible match was that?

    commentator 2: oh yeah that was in did an incredible match and also I can't believe that he was able to pick up a win here tonight.

    commentator 3: speaking of an incredible match, up next is the match of (opponent vs opponent).

    commentator 2: finally it's next!!!

    commentator 3: remember what happen between him and ...............

    unknown: excuse me!!! excuse me!!!

    commentator 1: who the hell is that ?

    unknown: can you all believe this?!! uuh!! uuh!! I have been in this company for over a year now and you all still don't know me. now the general manager is making a tournament match for the first ever ...... championship and am not in it?!!
          walk down to the ring(in the ring 10sl)
    unknown: speedy you call you self a GM? you know what's up? I will tall you what's up, cause I am not leaving this ring till you come down bring you ass down here now!!!

    commentator 2: is he out of his mind or what?
                             GM THEME SONG
    commentator 1: ooh boy
    GM: first of all who are you? secondly, how deal you calling me out. lastly those superstar's that are in the tournament own it, so if you are as good as you said prove it, by beating you opponent tonight.

    unknown: yeah yeah just call him out.

    GM: ok that's your opponent tonight. 5 sec later
                           IKE THEME SONG
    commentator 1: OMG, he is bac!!!!..
    commentator 2: if that man know what is good for him, he better run because the three S is back.
                                   THAN THE MATCH

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    three S is back Empty Re: three S is back

    Post by HankHarris on Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:59 pm

    Hey Ike 2 just a few pointers on your RP, hope you don't mind.

    Firstly our commentators have names and specific colours that you need to colour them in. Look at the thread called 'NCP Staff List' that tells you their name and a bit about their character.

    Secondly Speedy isn't our GM in the fed, we have made up characters, again take a look at the staff list for their names and their text colours.

    Thirdly, take some time to read a few other RP's and get an idea of how others write their RP's so you can do yours the same. At the moment you are making lot's of work for the people who put the shows together. I can see you're eager to write RP's but if they are not right they wont make it in the shows.

    If you ever need any help/advice just ask.


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    three S is back Empty Re: three S is back

    Post by HankHarris on Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:25 am

    I may have got it wrong about Speedy not being our GM as i just checked the staff list and it looks like he is. Can anyone confirm that? Apologies if i got that wrong.

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    three S is back Empty Re: three S is back

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