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    Post by Eric McIntyre on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:57 am

    Real  Name: Eric Palmer

    Ring Name: Broken Dreams Eric Maniac (or you can call me Eric McIntyre)

    Height: 6 ft 5 in. (1.96 m)
    Weight: 256 lb (116 kg)
    From: Ayr Scotland
    Trained by: Hollow
    Signature: Big Boot,Scot Drop
    Finisher: Future Shock DDT, Claymore
    Gimmick: Heel Similar to Drew McIntyre
    Eric McIntyre has been known as the broken Chosen one and a future world champ he fights every day and lives off from haters he doesn't care if you don't like him he is just a man you regret getting in the ring with him  because he's gonna hit that Devastating Future shock DDT
    Eric loves life and respects his parents he is known as one of the hottest free agents in the indies His Mom is the reason why he's watching Wrestling and is a wrestler he would Break your dreams into Reality.everyday at age 31 he's signed  with federation Masters-E-Wrestling and is gonna make  name for himself and put the whole roster on notice
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