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    Hank Harris TM's & Finishers


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    Hank Harris TM's & Finishers Empty Hank Harris TM's & Finishers

    Post by HankHarris on Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:16 am

    Hi all, below are a list of all my special moves and taunts, should you need them.


    Hank Harris grabs Lucifer Morgan and takes his head downwards
    then jumps and lets him fall to perform a Cannon

    Hank Harris bends over on his knees
    and pierces his abdomen with a Tank's Runthrough Spear!!


    Hank Harris grabs his opponent in the front headlock position
    and slams them face first on the mat executing a MORTAR SHELL


    Hank Harris Hank repeatedly punches himself in his own face then Hank Harris throws his hands in the air and gestures his opponent to BRING IT, executing a Psycho Punch!

    Hank Harris jumps onto the turnbuckle, holds both hands in the air and shouts, 'Hell Yeah!' performing a Tank Salute

    Hank Harris begins stomping his feet and building up momentum executing a Tank Stomping

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