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    Kathepsin: TM,Finisher, Taunt


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    Kathepsin: TM,Finisher, Taunt Empty Kathepsin: TM,Finisher, Taunt

    Post by Kathepsin on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:11 pm

    Trademark = The World Highest Wave (Spinning Leg Drop)

    Kathepsin performs a forward somersault, towards his fallen opponent and land his leg across [opponent]'s chest, executing a The World Highest Wave

    Finisher = Surfers Dropkick

    Kathepsin jumps on the top rope and imitates surfer standing on surfboard
    then he jumps down and runs and strikes [opponent] down to the turnbuckles by dropkick to the back executing a Surfers Dropkick

    Taunt = Waking the Devil

    Kathepsin gives a mean look to the opponent then turns around and jumps up
    then hit the floor with his fist performing Waking the Devil

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