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    Week 2 - Altercation


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    Week 2 - Altercation  Empty Week 2 - Altercation

    Post by HankHarris on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:09 pm

    We cut backstage to the locker room area. We can see a locker door open and someone rooting inside it but their identity is hidden. Suddenly the door to the locker room at the opposite end of the room burst’s open. The camera pans to reveal a very upset looking Michael Kris. He begins kicking over chairs and up turning tables and throwing other wrestlers things all over the locker room.

    Michael Kris: This is ****! What kind of decision was that! AHHHGGRRGGGAAAHHH!!!

    Michael Kris smashes over a water stand.

    Michael Kris: Week after week, it’s the same old story, Michael Kris, the best thing to ever happen to wrestling, being screwed over again and again and again! Well I’ve had enough it! AGGGGRAAAGGGHHH!!!!

    Michael Kris punches a mirror on the wall and it smashes into tiny pieces. Suddenly we hear the sound of a locker door closing. The camera pans back round and we see Hank Harris standing next to what was the open locker, now closed.We hear a chorus of whoo's and cheers from the arena as Hank is revealed

    Hank Harris: Do you hear yourself? I mean really? You’re meant to be a grown man, a big bad ass and you’re behaving like a spoilt little girl who has been told she can’t have her favourite Barbie for Christmas.

    Michael Kris composes himself and makes his way over to Hank Harris. He stops a good foot away.

    Michael Kris: Oh I’m sorry, is my injustice offensive to your ears? Is me smashing the hell out of this crappy, pathetic, locker room upsetting you?

    Hank Harris smiles.

    Hank Harris: There’s nothing you could do to upset me sweet heart, believe me. If kicking over chairs and breaking mirrors makes you feel better then carry on, turn the whole room upside down if you like, but just remember one thing, there’s a person in this room that will hit back if you so much place one of those manicured lady fingers on him, you understanding me princess?

    Michael Kriss smiles and runs his fingers across his mouth.

    Michael Kriss: Lady fingers…so you mean if they touch you…what like this?

    Michael Kriss places a finger on Hank chest.

    What you going to do tough…

    Before Michael Kriss can finish his sentence Hank grabs his head and slams into the locker. He falls down and Hank stands over him.

    Hank Harris: Sorry about that, nothing personal, but I did warn you. Now don’t get in my way ever again, otherwise it will end badly for you.

    Michael Kriss jumps straight back up and is almost nose to nose with Hank and we think he’s going to hit him but instead he just laughs. Hank exits and makes his way out of the locker room for his match. Michael Kriss is alone and say’s something in a low voice to himself.

    Michael Kriss: Don’t get in your way? Maybe it’s you Hank Harris who shouldn’t get in my way!

    Michael Kriss begins to laugh as the camera fades to black.

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    Week 2 - Altercation  Empty Re: Week 2 - Altercation

    Post by HankHarris on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:10 pm

    MK - feel free to change any speech (if you feel like you wouldn't say that) but just don't change the story Smile

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