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    Week 2 - Interview at swimming pool


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    Week 2 - Interview at swimming pool Empty Week 2 - Interview at swimming pool

    Post by Kathepsin on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:21 am

    Role Play 2 – The Pool

    Camera shows Kathepsin lying on surfboard, which is yellow with three red stripes on the top, in the middle of swimming pool. He wears only red shorts and sun glasses, he holds some drink and it looks like he is sleeping. There is also radio playing Aloha-oe. Two interviewers – Wendy Woo and Amethyst Gem are coming.

    Wendy: Good evening Kathepsin. We wanted to do some interview with you as winner of the first round of tournament, but you disappeared too fast after match. Could you answer our questions now?

    Amethyst: Yeah, where have you been for god sake?[/color]

    Kathepsin: Sorry, it was because of, I mean participation in some event I couldn’t miss. It was family meeting.

    Amethyst: Sure..Right..We definitely believe you..

    Wendy: Calm down Amethyst. Could you just swim here so we can talk, please?

    Kathepsin swims to them and climbs out of the pool. Then sits on sunbed.

    Kathepsin: So what do you want to know?

    Wendy: Well, let’s start with the statement about match you have won last week.

    Kathepsin: Last week, last week..ah, the match against Aristobulos. Exciting match, wasn’t it? I really enjoyed it and I hope you and audience as well. It was match full of reverses, fortunately the last reverse came from me so I have won.

    Amethyst: If you want to call this as win..

    Wendy: Amethyst! I apologize for my colleague, he is a little bit hotheaded. It was certainly close match, do you think there is a particular reason for your win?

    Kathepsin: I told you, I am tough guy. And I moved a lot, so he has some difficulty to hit me. Though I am still little bit tired, so I am relaxing here on my surfboard.

    Wendy: What do you expect from your next match against Xander?

    Amethyst: Just look at him, he is scared to death.

    Kathepsin: I’m definitely not scared. Xander have won first round too, but if I can say something, his way is near to end. I want this title and I am going to destroy everyone and everything in my way. I want champaigne..uh, I mean I want to be a champion. I’ve never got used to defeats and I’m not going to start with it in near future. I know he sometimes uses some dirty practices, but I will be ready. Moreover I have one surprise ready for this match.

    Amethyst: Destroy. As you destroyed Aristobulos in last match, right? You were so lucky..And the champion thing, are you serious? You are almost kid, at least your haircut is good at most for kindergarten.

    Amethyst tousles Kathepsin’s hair.

    Kathepsin: I am serious. And take a deep breath in, my friend. I guess you should remember this – never ever touch my hair.

    Kathepsin pushes Amethyst into the pool and turns to Wendy witth smile on his face.

    Kathepsin: Any other questions?

    Wendy looks surprised and is little bit pale in her face.

    Wendy: Eh..maybe the last one. Did you hear that there is another surfer in MEW?  

    Kathepsin: Wow, really? That’s a brand new information for me. I guess we will see how the things will go. You should probably help your colleague. See you.

    Kathepsin leaves the pool. Amethyst finally catch a breath and spits water all around and swears.

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    Week 2 - Interview at swimming pool Empty Re: Week 2 - Interview at swimming pool

    Post by HankHarris on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:26 pm

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