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    Calling out MK

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    Calling out MK Empty Calling out MK

    Post by Delete Samcro Account on Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:45 pm

    The camera pans across the arena and shows various faces cheering in the crowd. Suddenly smoke fills the entrance and "Funeral Bell" by Black Label Society begins playing. Out from the smoke walks an angry and determined looking Samcro. He slowly walks to the ring, baseball bat in hand.

    Steve: "Oh my Samcro is in the building! Who knows what might happen!"

    Lucy "So true Steve. From the looks of it he does not appear to be in the best of moods. He is in the ring now and about to speak so let's listen."

    Samcro: "Welcome to....(crowds screams along) SAMCRO COUNTRY!! Now last week I came here to teach that punk ass cry baby Michael Kris a lesson. After kicking the life out of him, he decides to make two fatal mistakes. First was trying to jump me from behind with a chair. The second was daring to issue threats my way. So to get to the point and not waste anymore time. Kris get your sorry ass out here and let us see if you can back your smack!!!"

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    Calling out MK Empty Continuation

    Post by HankHarris on Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:14 am

    Suddenly ‘Feel So Numb’ by Rob Zombie begins to blast out around the arena. The crowd boo instantly as Shane Brody stands at the top of the titan tron. He slowly makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic as he slips under the bottom rope. His music stops and the crowd break out into a chorus of ‘You Suck’.

    Shane Brody: Same old story with you fans, all a bunch of degenerates! All cheering for this guy, when it’s me who is the superior wrestler.

    Samcro laughs and shakes his head. Brody talks to the crowd.

    Shane Brody: Last week, SamFrodo here, went around on his little motorbike beating up all the naughty little kids with his baseball bat like some super hero, Negan wannabe!

    Crowd boo’s. Turns and faces Samcro.

    Shane Brody: And now you’re out here again swinging it around, thinking you’re all that, when the truth of the matter is, you wouldn’t last 5 seconds with me in the ring. Hell I would be impressed if you lasted 2!

    Samcro mouth’s ‘is that right’ while staring him down.

    Shane Brody: Yeah that is right and if you chuck your little bat away I’ll prove it right here, right now, in front of all your degenerate fans!

    The crowd boo’s again and after a brief pause Samcro drops the bat and gestures Brody to ‘bring it’. Suddenly out of nowhere Kenny Omega flies into the ring and jumps on Shane Brody from behind! Unloading on him with punch after punch.

    Steven DeMayo: Kenny Omega is going to town on Shane Brody! This is payback for the physical assault that Shane inflicted on Kenny after their match last week!

    Kenny is getting the upper hand, until  Samcro pulls him off. Kenny is furious with Samcro and pushes him. Samcro pushes him back. Suddenly both Samcro and Kenny are going at it.


    All three men stop fighting and turn to the titan tron Mathew Elderbrook is standing there with a mic in hand.

    Matthew Elderbrook: Did none of you listen to a word I said earlier tonight? If this kind of unruly behavior continues in this fed I will just start suspending you, simple as that. I don’t care who you are or how big a star YOU THINK you are! You’re gone. I am the authority around here, I hold the power and I AM THE MAN! So I can see you’re all so desperate to get into each other’s business so that’s exactly what will happen. Tonight you will all compete in a tag match! Kenny Omega & Samcro versus Shane Brody and Michael Kris!

    Crowd erupt into cheers.

    Michael Elderbrook: And just incase any of you knuckle heads are thinking about turning this into a brawl you might want to think again because this match will have a special guest referee! The CEO of MEW and boss to us all, Mr John Lartikus! If anyone puts a foot out of line you’ll be suspended on the spot, I hope I’ve made my self very clear. Now go and get ready for your match gentleman as tonight you’re going to be our main event, congratulations!

    ‘I’m the man by Aleo Blac begins to play as the three guy’s in the ring look at each other almost stunned.

    Lucy Woo: Now that’s how you take back control of your federation! Very nice Mr general manager.

    Steve: Yeah that was impressive, but it still remains to be seen if these guys play ball.

    Lucy: Well if they don’t they will run the risk of suspension, I can’t imagine any of them want to do that, especially with our PPV only 2 weeks away.

    I have done this RP as it's a nice way of tieing up the main event match plus it makes Matthew look like he has some power, especially after his opening RP. Hope you're happy with this Samcro?

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    Calling out MK Empty Re: Calling out MK

    Post by HankHarris on Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:02 pm


    NOTE: Edit - It's Kenny Omega & Michael Kris vs Shane Brody & Samcro - the above RP has been edited in the show.

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    Calling out MK Empty Re: Calling out MK

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