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    Bloody Knuckles

    Bloody Knuckles
    Bloody Knuckles

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    Post by Bloody Knuckles on Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:59 am

    Real life I'm 23 a father of a son who will be a year old in May I have played twg on, and off for 7 years. I'm a 5x VGM. I am a Helper on Server EN. I work at a warehouse 34 to 44 hours a week. I try to respect, and get along with everyone I meet.
    I was in WoW-World of Wrestling as Tha Immortal, and The Superflyer. I was a VGM there for 7 months until we closed down, and I was on the roster for 9 months. After WoW closed down searching for a home I joined Sommerlund's federation backyard battle grounds I was with them for only a season me, and Sommer didn't really see eye to eye.
    After there I joined Stellar Wrestling Promotion ran by the old GML Malice I was a booking VGM as well as rp editor in the 5 months I served beneath Malice until he closed the doors.
    The next federation I joined was Living Hell Wrestling a old friend from WoW was their Head VGM was was Co Head VGM for 3 months 2 of which our GM went inactive me, and Ruslan Rave had to do every show he did the gfx, as well as ran the Major show I focused on the Minor show we went up the ranks quickly making it to intercontinental ranking before Buzzsaw shut us down due to GM inactivity. Following LHW being shut down a good friend of mine from SWP was now a GM I joined The Breeding Grounds as The Shadow Ninja, and was a rp editor VGM as well as helped do 2-3 matches commentary on both the minor, and major show.
    After Magic shut down I followed his Head VGM to TAFC, and I did the commentary there for 2 seasons before the GM felt overwhelmed, and shut down.
    I joined Speed Freak Dan following the closing of The Active Freak Club as Mr PrimeTime shortly after 3D became big I quit due to RL.
    When I Returned I joined My old buddy Scar from EWE it didn't last long RL got in the way again (I became homeless.)
    I quit playing twg for a couple more years when I returned I joined Server DK now known as EN or the merged server I was the first helper of the server as well as had my own federation which was closed due to me choosing Helper over running my own federation the gm panel wasn't fixed I left the game shortly after my ex became pregnant with our son.
    When I returned one of my old VGMs Wolffer was running UUW I joined him, and started The Apprenticeship RL got in the way again I had to leave after just one season I returned to have to leave again (basically my ex was jealous of twg, and my VGM work taking our time together, and my mother was diagnosed with cancer I had to help her, I took care of my mom for a couple months until me, and my ex fixed things she cheated we split I now live in a hotel have no social life, and I'm going to dedicate ALL of my time to twg as well as MEW.

    Okay sorry for the long story of my life XD now onto business.

    Character Name: Brian "Bloody Knuckles" Brawler.

    Back story: Brian's parents died in a tragic car accident at a young age Brian bounced from foster home to Foster home always angry, and he loved to fight. At the age of 13 Brian was placed into a juvenile detention center for beating up his foster brother. While locked up Brian seen a counselor by the name of Lacie Brawler.
    During his counseling sessions Brian, and Lacie hit it off. Infact after Brian Thomas finished his year in the detention center he was adopted by Lacie, and her Husband Chuck. Chuck was a retired amateur boxer. One day Brian walked into Chuck's garage to see Chuck swinging on the Heavy bag. Brian soon took an interest in boxing working one on one with Chuck. After 2 years of preparation Brian had his first fight in the ring in which he won by Knockout in the first round.
    At the age of 21 Brian was a household name with a record of 22-0 18 wins by way of knockout Brian was given the nickname Bloody Knuckles. Brian became went on to win the Light Heavyweight​ Title, and shortly after he experienced his first loss Brian was knocked unconscious in the beginning of the second round by a lethal uppercuts he lost his title, and ended up having to retire from boxing altogether from the damage done to his brain.
    One day Brian's​ Agent gives him a call telling him he's​ found a way he can get back in the ring the boxer with a 31-1 record 23 wins by Knockout was intrigued, and immediately he met with his agent that day.

    Brian's agent went on to explain he knows a guy who can train him to be a professional wrestler, but Brian would have to go to Japan to learn the art of Wrestling. Brian agreed excited about his new journey. Brian trained for a year before he stepped into the ring at the age of 23 Brian easily disposed of his competition winning with his Devastating Punching combination of a finisher called Boxers Pride. Brian went on to be a 5x heavyweight Champ using his punching power to his advantage.

    After a successful wrestling career in Japan Brian decided he wanted to be on a Worldwide wrestling promotion he called his agent, and breached his contract with NJWA shortly after. One day Brian got the call he was waiting for his agent Explained he'd had an offer from MEW a Major federation known Worldwide immediately Brian met with speedy signing his contract, and became a member of The Best in the Business.

    Wrestler Information
    Age 26
    Height 6 foot 2.
    Weight 200 lbs.
    Persona Tweener.
    Catch Phrase With just three punches you'll be sleeping.
    Finisher Boxers Pride
    Trademark a leg drop called Total Impact.
    Attire Black Boxing shorts, and Boxing Shoes in the ring.

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    Post by HankHarris on Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm

    Good to have you with us man, sounds like we have another experienced addition to the ranks!
    Bloody Knuckles
    Bloody Knuckles

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    Post by Bloody Knuckles on Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:05 pm

    Great to be here Smile thank you.

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