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    John in denial?

    Trey Johnson

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    John in denial? Empty John in denial?

    Post by Trey Johnson on Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:31 pm

    The camera pans to the office of John Lartikus. John Lartikus is on the phone. You can here his side of the conversation.

    John: I was calling to check in on a patient...

    John: His name is Ramon Askew.

    John: Yes, I'll hold.

    A minute or two pasts..

    John: WHAT? He did what?

    John: Got damn.. you lazy fools, can't do nothing, he was suppose to be locked up in solitary for a reason...

    John: You know what, I'm going to sue you for everything your worth, you may have just killed me...

    John hangs up the phone, then gets up and rushes up out his office.. the camera fades to black.

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