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    GM of Asylum  Empty GM of Asylum

    Post by Trey Johnson on Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:15 pm

    The camera pans around the arena. The fans are chanting and screaming.

    Lucy: What do you think about the show so far Steve?

    Steve: Its pretty good so far, the fans love it.

    Lucy: You right about that.

    "I'm the man by Aloe Blacc" blast through the arena, interrupting Lucy and Steve's conversation. Out walks to the CEO of MEW, John Lartikus. He has a microphone in his hand. John walks to the center of the entrance ramp.

    John: Hello everyone, my name is John Lartikus as most of you know. Now I won't be out here for long, because I have some business to take care of. But I came out here to introduce you guys to the General Manager of Asylum... none other then one of my most trusted and closest friends... Matthewww Elderbrookkkk!

    The fans are cheering. "Awake and Alive by Skillet" blast through the arena. Out walks Matthew Elderbrook with the lady from earlier in the show. Matthew Elderbrook has a microphone in his hand. Matthew walks to John, they shake each other hands then give each other a hug. John gives the lady a hug.

    John: Well I'll leave for you guys. I have to run. I'll be in touch with you later tonight Matthew.

    Matthew: Well hello everyone, my name is Matthew Elderbrook. And this beautiful lady to the side of me, is my assistant and her name is Anne.

    The fans are cheering. Matthew hands Anne the microphone.

    Anne: Hello everyone, my name is Anne. I just want to say, I wish you guys a great rest of the show. And that we have some very great ideas for the upcoming weeks and we hope you like it.

    Matthew and Anne walk to the ring.

    Matthew: So there's been a lot of talk about what are my plans for this show. Well, my plans are big. Speaking of big, we are going to start of this federation with a Big Bang. You see I have a idea, that will start tonight. It's a tournament for all the rookies, who I think needs a chance to show this company, that they deserve to be in the spotlight.

    You see this tornment I have in mind is going to be a 16 man tournament. It'll feature sixteen of the best superstars we have. I'm not saying everyone else sucks, but I see these sixteen individuals making a name out of themselves.

    I see them making a name for MEW. I see them becoming future faces of the company. I have a vision for them and that vision starts tonight. But here's the thing, this tournament will start a revolution.

    Now here's thing, I bet most of you guys are wondering what the prize will be for the tournament. Now would you like to do the honors Anne?

    Anne: Sure, I would love to. Now the prize for this tournament, will be this beauty right here.

    Anne looks up and something is being lowered from the ceiling, as it gets closer it appears to be a title.

    Anne unhooks the title. On the front it says M.E.W Rising Stars Championship.

    Matthew: You see this title right here, is the prize for winning the title. After a long tough season, I think the participants deserve a little motivation. So this tournament will not only be about bragging rights but for this title.

    Now I have a idea, I'm thinking about doing this tournament annually, I still have to talk to John and the rest of the board members first. But I think they will like the annual tournament. Now that's not the only idea we have, but those ideas are still being processed...

    Now since I said that, I have something else to say...

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    GM of Asylum  Empty Re: GM of Asylum

    Post by HankHarris on Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:27 am

    Nice RP, is this the opening RP of our first show? Obviously only just joining i am guessing i am not apart of the tournament? I'm also not quite sure which roster I'm on. Once i know i will work up some angles/ideas.

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