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    Loan Rose gets ready to the tournament's fight.

    Loan Rose
    Loan Rose

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    Loan Rose gets ready to the tournament's fight. Empty Loan Rose gets ready to the tournament's fight.

    Post by Loan Rose on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:35 am

    Loan Rose is in his backstage while he is looking the first round of the Tournament. Suddenly, Loan Rose takes his phone to make a call.

    Loan: Hello?

    No one answers the call.

    Loan: lets go try again.

    36 minutes later

    ???: what the hell you want??!!

    Loan: are you my friend 'Diego'?

    ???: No!, damn you! you have woken me!, Listen!, when I catch you...

    Loan: sorry!, sorry! i got the wrong number! (Loan Rose turn off the call) ufff If only I have insisted a little. Nowodays, people are very delicate ¬¬... by the way, I need the Diego' tips to beat my opponent Athenis.

    Finally, Loan Rose find the number of his friend Diego.

    Diego: Look Loan, Athenis is a veteran, who has a much wisdom, he knows how fight and he is very well wrestler.

    Loan: then how can I beat him?

    Diego: I don't think you're going to win him. He is a legend, and you... you... you still need my tips! I'm not even a fighter!

    Loan: Ok, I understand.. Thank you... For Nothing ¬¬

    Loan Rose throws his phone for the window

    Loan: Lol!, now I understand why i never remember the phone' number of my friends hahaha!

    Loan Rose mentally prepares for his combat.

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