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    The start of Manik

    GM Nomad

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    The start of Manik Empty The start of Manik

    Post by GM Nomad on Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:15 am

    An unfamiliar theme song appears and filled the arena. The loud chants of the crowd turns into silence as a guy in red luchador mask, gold wrist band with letter M on it and wearing red tights appears om the titan tron he walks down the ramp and enters the ring,he goes to the corner of the ring took the mic and return to the center of the ring.

    Lucy: I heard that we have a new signed wrestler, but i didn't know he'd be this small.

    Steven: I agree, but we can't underestimate him, I heard he was quite a high profiler in Asia.

    Lucy: True, but MEW is a way different level, Can he keep up with the pace we have here?

    Steven: Let's just see what he's got.

    The wrestler stares to the crowd for a moment and lift up the microphone on his hand.

    ?: My name is Manik, and it's quite annoying at how everyone look at me! Yes I'm small, but that does not mean I'm weak, I will do what anyone back there failed to do, I will revolutionise this show. I used to be a big dog before, And I deserve more respect than just being looked down at!

    Lucy: He really does have an arrogant attitude for a guy who just came in.

    Steven: Arrogant?? I call it confidence. He sure got my attention now!

    Lucy: Confidence? Are you sure steven? I'd call it overconfidence. Wait Wait.. I hear something

    Realising that Manik have such an attitude as only just arrived to MEW, the silent arena gets filled with "We don't know you! We don't know you!" chant.

    Lucy: Guess the fans agrees with me. He surely won't make it here, possessing such small size and those attitude of him

    Steven: Nonsense!! I'm sure he'll do great here.

    Manik: Keep chanting that, because my journey starts now, Bring out my opponent. But dude, I'm sorry to tell you this man, they've just made me mad, and so blame them for what's gonna happen to you. They are the reason for what's going to happen later on in our match.

    Manik toss the microphone out of the ring as he prepares himself for his first match.

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    The start of Manik Empty Re: The start of Manik

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    The start of Manik Empty Re: The start of Manik

    Post by Manik on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:56 pm


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    The start of Manik Empty Re: The start of Manik

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