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    Jesse's TM, Finisher, and taunt

    Jesse Jayne

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    Jesse's TM, Finisher, and taunt Empty Jesse's TM, Finisher, and taunt

    Post by Jesse Jayne on Thu May 11, 2017 11:10 pm


    Jesse jayne twists his rival's arm over his shoulder and turns behind him
    threads an arm under [opponent]'s neck and crushes him on the ground by throwing him back, executing a Trauma Therapy


    Jesse jayne kicks the back of his opponents knees forcing them to the ground
    then he grabs [opponent]'s wrists crossing them over their neck. Before driving his knee into their back and wrenching backwards executing a Straight Jacket


    Jesse jayne puts two fingers to his brow
    Then with a flick of the wrist performs Two finger salute

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