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    ike is back


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    ike is back  Empty ike is back

    Post by ike on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:26 pm

    "opponent walking down the hall"
    wendy run after him for some word.

    wendy: excuse me opponent can i have some few words with you?

    opponent: wendy why do you always love to disturb me?.... and if it is about what i did to ike last two weeks,yesh right...

    wendy: but why did you do it,since you know that you match with him was a one fall match?

    opponent: why did i do it? that you question? do you know what always makes me go mad on you? well i will tell. cause sometimes you over do you jo.........
    "the whole backstage goes total lights out"
    "smoke everywhere and suddenly an object walked in front of the camera"
    lights on,as their turned their saw a bloody writing on the wall saying "your soul is mine"
    wendy ran away as opponent grab a microphone and walk into the arena.
    "opponent arrived in the ring and the crowd where cheering for the return of ike"
    opponent: i can't talk it anymore,ike i know you are in there and i know you can hear. you have been a wast of time to me,so i want to end this and end it for i want us to end this rival in a last man standing.

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