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    Week 4 - Rising Star Championship Promo


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    Week 4 - Rising Star Championship Promo Empty Week 4 - Rising Star Championship Promo

    Post by HankHarris on Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:25 am

    We cut backstage and we see Wendy Woo alongside Rising Star Championship tournament finalist, Hollow. They a both standing next to a television screen. On the screen we can see the other finalist, Hank 'The Tank' Harris.

    Wendy Woo: Hello and welcome to this very special interview! Alongside me I have tournament finalist Hollow and on screen from his home I have Hank Harris. First can we just start with you Hank, you're not able to be here in person tonight as you are recuperating after being run down by Michael Kriss in last week's show. How are you feeling? We hope you wasn't injured too seriously?

    Hank Harris who is on the TV screen begins to speak.

    Hank Harris: I'm fine Wendy, just a few cut's and bruises! But that's nothing to what Michael Kriss is going to have when i get my hands on him. But first I have the Rising Star Championship title to win and believe me when I say there is no injury that could prevent me from winning that title.

    Wendy: Well that seems like a very fitting moment to bring in Hollow. Strong words from your opponent, how do you respond Hollow.

    Hollow smiles.

    Hollow: This coming from a man who has won two of his three fights by disqualification! Listen I'm not going to lie, Hank is a big dude and strong, but technically he's sloppy and next week at our first ever PPV, he is going to find out exactly what it's like to be schooled in proper professional wrestling.

    Hank begins to laugh.

    Hank: This coming from a guy who didn't have a semi-final match and instead had a squash match against a vastly inexperienced wrestler, who almost won by the way! No Hollow, you won't be schooling anyone. You have never been inside the squared circle with a guy of my strength and desire and next week at the PPV you're going to experience the term 'getting your ass whipped' first hand.

    Wendy: Ok, ok...let's take this down a notch shall we. Hollow, Hank makes a valid point about your progression to the final and you make a vaild response about Hanks DQ results in the last few matches. This tournament has been plauged by lot's of interference, are you worried that more interference could effect the outcome of this match.

    Hollow: Not at all, both John Lartikus and Matthew Elderbrook have guaranteed that no outside interference will happen during this match.  

    Wendy: And just how can they guarantee something like that?

    Hollow: Don't worry about that, all will be revealed soon! Hank see you in the ring!

    With that Hollow get's up and leaves.

    Wendy: But we're not done here...Hollow...

    Hank: Let him go, he's nothing but a dead man Walking!

    Wendy: Well do you have anything left to add?

    Hank: I sure do...the next time you see Hank Harris he'll be fit and ready to do what I always do! Take care of business!

    Hank laughs as we lose feed from his shot. Wendy looks at camera.

    Wendy: Look's like that's the end of our interview! Who will be crowned our first ever 'Rising Star Champion'? Tune in next week to find out.

    The camera fades.

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    Week 4 - Rising Star Championship Promo Empty Re: Week 4 - Rising Star Championship Promo

    Post by HankHarris on Wed May 03, 2017 5:00 pm


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