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    Hollow - Trademarks and Finishers


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    Hollow - Trademarks and Finishers

    Post by Hollow on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:51 am

    Trademarks -
    Dream Twister (Jumping Twisting DDT) -
    Hollow grabs opponent by the head
    jumping with a 180° spin making his head crush down with a Dream Twister

    Slam Dunk, Funk (Pop-up Spinebuster) -
    Hollow grabs the opponent around the waist, lifting him up, and tossing him forward without landing on the top of the opponent with slam dunk, funk

    Sleeper Hold -
    Hollow sneaks behind opponent then wraps his arm around the opponent's neck, pressing the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side squeezing  opponents neck inside the arm very tightly executing sleeper hold

    Finishers -
    Spear -
    Hollow charges towards a standing opponent, brings his body parallel to the ground and drives his shoulder into the opponent's midsection, pulling on the opponent's legs, as in a double leg takedown, and forcing them back-first into the mat executing Spear

    Eternal Demise -
    Opponent asks Hollow "what the hell is going on!?"
    Hollow replies "You're suffering from Eternal Demise!"

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    Re: Hollow - Trademarks and Finishers

    Post by gicoach7 on Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:50 am


    Iron Beak
    Screech kneels on the opponent's back,
    grabs one of the opponent's legs and bends it over his shoulder.

    Iron Talon
    Screech whips the opponent to the ropes,
    and then runs at him performing a clothesline.

    Iron Eagle
    Screech lifts the opponent into a suplex position,
    then slams him to the mat.


    Atomic Bomb( Damage)
    Screech lifts his opponent onto his shoulder,
    runs towards the center of the ring and slams
    his opponent on the mat performing an Atomic Bomb.

    The Rack(Submission)
    SCREECH lifts his opponent on his shoulders  with his opponent's face looking up,
    and then pulls down on his opponent's neck and legs while jumping performing a torture rack.

    Iron Eagle Splash(Bleed)
    SCREECH climbs to the top turnbuckle and gives a loud screeching call,
    SCREECH then leaps off the turnbuckle doing a half twist in the air,
    and slams into the opponent executing a Iron Eagle Splash.

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