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    Week 1 - BRING IT - RP2


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    Week 1 - BRING IT - RP2 Empty Week 1 - BRING IT - RP2

    Post by HankHarris on Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:29 pm

    If this RP could be placed right at the start of the match that would be ideal.

    We cut to ringside to the announcement table. Both Lucy and Steve are sat behind their desk wearing head microphones, calling the action.

    Lucy: You’re watching M.E.W, live! And it’s time for our next matchup in tonight’s tournament!

    Steve: This one is going to be a good Lucy! Lucifer Morgan announced himself back in M.E.W earlier tonight, when he, well what looked like, performed a physical assault on a M.E.W staff member.

    Lucy: Looked like?

    A VT begins to play showing the earlier incident, when Lucifer Morgan charged a cameraman, nocking the screen to black. We can still hear Lucy speaking over the footage.

    If that isn’t physical assault, on basically an innocent bystander, I don’t know what is!

    Steve: Look, it doesn’t look good I have to admit and I would never condone actions like that generally, but you know it’s very dark down in that boiler room. He could have slipped and dropped the camera. Let’s not jump to any conclusions right away, I mean everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.

    Suddenly ‘Sound of Madness’ by ‘Shine Down’ begins to play over the speakers. The music is new and not known by the crowd but there’s still some excitement around the arena.

    Lucy: Look’s like another new addition to the M.E.W roster Steve. Hank Harris from New York City…

    Hank appears at the top of the titon tron to mixture of cheer’s and jeer’s. He looks focused and ready to fight and barely acknowledges the crowd. After a brief pause he begins to make his way to the ring.

    Standing at 6’5 and weighing in at just shy of 400lbs! This guy has all the physical attributes to be a real player in M.E.W.

    Steve: Well that may well be Lucy, but have you ever heard the saying ‘All brawn and no brains’? He might look like a champion but the guy is greener than grass! He has a hell of a long way to go before he can even contemplate being considered a contender for the title. And while we’re on the subject of his chances, I don’t think this guy is fit to lace the boots of Lucifer Morgan.

    Lucy: Well we’re about to find out Steve, let’s see if you’re right. Hang on a second, it look’s like Hank has something to say to us all.

    Steve: Great. Just what we need in this company, another loud mouth with two much to say for himself…

    Hank makes his way into the ring and is passed a microphone on his way up the stairs. He slips under the middle rope and waits for the music and noise to fade.

    Hank: I want to start off by saying that I’m not out here to run my mouth or start trash talkin before my match. I’m not that way, never have been, never will be. The only reason I’m picking up this mic tonight is because this is the first time that any of you will have seen me in action and I think that it’s only right that before I go toe to toe with the so called, big bad Lucifer Morgan, that I introduce myself properly to you all…

    We hear a few ‘whoo’s’ from the crowd and some cheers.

    My name is Hank Harris, but I’m known by a lot of people back home as the ‘Tank’!

    We hear some more cheers from the crowd.

    I’ve spent the past few years trying get away from that name. I guess I thought it was unlucky…or something like that. But tonight someone made me realize that in this business, the wrestling business, you make your own damn luck!

    The crowd cheer once again. Hank turns to the titon tron and raises his arms.

    Lucifer! I’m ready for you sweet heart! COME AND BRING IT!

    Hank drops the mic and the crowd erupts as most get to their feet.

    Lucy: Well, I would say that is the sound of the gauntlet being thrown down to Lucifer, wouldn’t you Steve?

    Steve: That or the sound of his own funeral hearse parking up! My money is on the later. Time for Lucifer to show exactly what he’s made of!

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