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    Introduction to me Empty Introduction to me

    Post by King_Raizen on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:46 pm

    Never really done this before so here is goes.

    Name: King Raizen
    From: Demon World
    Gender: Male
    Age: Few Thousand years old
    Gimmick:  Heel
    Taunt: A maniacal laugh
    Trademark: Rain Maker, Death Valley Driver
    Finishers:  Dragon of the Darkness Flame (Burning Hammer): The Burning Hammer is an inverted Death Valley Driver. The move starts with the wrestler face up across my shoulders then I fall sideways driving the guys head into the mat. There are a few different variants that can be used.

    Yogun (Vertebreaker): Its a back to back double underhooked piledriver

    Intro:  Coming Soon....

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