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    Juggles introduces himself


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    Juggles introduces himself Empty Juggles introduces himself

    Post by Juggles on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:10 pm

    The feed switches from the ring to the commentary team.

    Lucy: What an exciting match that was folks, non stop action going back and forth. But right now, we move to some more serious things. A disgruntled Juggles wants some time in the ring to fully introduce himself to you, our MEW following.

    Steven: Disgruntled? disgruntled!?! That's how i feel when i wake up in the morning.. I just saw him walking backstage this afternoon, trust me, disgruntled is like saying the sun is a dim star. Its like saying water isn't wet! everybody better beware, the Clown is going to raise some hell, i am sure of it!

    Lucy: O..k.. Lets just get to the ring, before Steven blows a gasket. Over to you Wendy.

    The feed switches to ringside. We see Wendy Woo standing in the ring. The camera than pans up and zooms in on her.

    Wendy: Thank you Lucy. Ladies and Gentlemen, i would now like to introduce my guest at this time, an international Superstar, the one, the only, Juggles the Clown!!!

    Wendy moves her hand towards the ramp in a "i present to you" kind of fashion. The gathered crowd is going bananas. Juggles his intro theme start playing. Than suddenly a flash bang can be seen and heard. Smoke instantly fills the ramp way, two spotlight than light up the smoke. A silhouette can be seen amidst the smoke. The form stands still for a second or two before jumping out of the cloud. Juggles than makes his way to the ring while the crowd is chanting his name. When he gets near the ring, he pauses for a second and looks around the arena, he than nods his head, runs towards the ring and slides in. He than gets up and walks towards Wendy, stopping to stand right beside her. His music stops playing and the audience stops their chants in anticipation

    Wendy: Juggles, you have just arrived here in MEW last week and suffered your first loss right off the bat, do you ha..

    Juggles snatches the mic from Wendy's hand.

    Juggles: Bla bla bla, you're services will no longer be needed for the remainder of this interview toots, get lost. Go'on, Get!!

    Juggles uses his hand in a "go on, leave all ready" kind of way. Wendy has a surprised look on her face and reluctantly makes her way out of the ring

    Juggles: Now ill answer the first question, even do i didn't allow her to finish her sentence, ive been around the block more than enough to know what it was going to be. Do i have an explanation? Of course i have an explanation. I had a major jet lag, a small headache from the horrible "juice" that was put in my hotel room, courtesy of that idiot Speedy. Than during the match, my shoelace came undone and sweat got in my eye while i was blinded by this horrible lighting system they have here in MEW. Well let me just tell all you MEW fans this... That wont happen again, no no no no no. From this day forward, i will be the terror lurking around every corner. yes yes. I will be the one to strike fear in the hearts of all these paper champions they have around here. Yeah. And than for all you fools of fans, cheering me on, chanting my name.. PELLLEEEASE, do i look like i need any of you fat, out of shape wonnabe's to chant or cheer for ME?

    The crowds previous chant quickly turned into an ear deafening boo

    Juggles: Sure, now you boo me huh, as if i care, tss. So, to all you paper champs in the back, you are on notice. I didn't come here to make friends, i came here to win belts, anyway i can, like i have always done. Better watch you're backs....Punks

    Juggles than drops the mic in the middle of the ring and slides out, while the audience is booing ever so loud. Juggles makes bad remarks at fans while walking back up the ramp, the feed than switches back to the commentary team

    Steven: Good grief, now that is something i will look forward to, Juggles the clown running wild, tearing up the division, putting the champs on notice, what excitement!

    Lucy: Yeah, that sure would rile you up now wouldn't it. You two are two peas in a pod, and i am afraid that also is the only thing you both have upstairs..

    Steven: Wait..What?

    Lucy: my point exactly, let's quickly get on with the next match, before tis clown next to me fully realizes what i have said.

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    Juggles introduces himself Empty Re: Juggles introduces himself

    Post by HankHarris on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:39 pm

    Added - love this Smile

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